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What To Look For In Your Next Spin Bike Purchase?

Spin Bike Purchase

A spin bike is integral gym equipment. One can even use it at home to workout. It helps in losing calories and keeping oneself fit as it replicates the effect of cycling. These days it is not very easily possible for one to go out for cycling due to the heavy traffic, so this provides a rather safe alternative. But it is not always possible to go to a gym to use these features due to obvious reasons.

Thus it would be very easy indeed if such a gadget is available at one’s home. But then how will one know which one to buy?

There are a wide variety of spin-bikes available in the market but only a handful of those might suffice the exact needs one seeks to obtain from it. While some don’t provide ample features, other ones might be too expensive to be purchased by the common people.

Spin Bike Purchase

Then the following listed points can act as a vital reference to what to look for in the next spin bike purchase one makes.

Flywheel: A good spin bike model should come with a heavy flywheel to help it to spin smoothly for longer periods. This will also provide more solidity to the bike. Also, a light flywheel will make your bike look and sound cheaper and create issues in smoothness of the exercise.

Adjustable handlebars: The best possible spinning bike will come with an adjustable handlebar. Generally due to the variations in shapes and sizes of the users, it is highly recommended to get a bike whose handlebar can be adjusted in height and front and back.

Drive mode: A belt-driven model is always preferred over a chain-driven model as they are much more durable and a lot quieter, thus providing a better price to performance ratio.

Adjustable seats: Seats are a very important of a spinning bike, so choose one where the seats can be adjusted according to one’s need. Bikes that don’t provide this option should be avoided as an uncomfortable seat will make the workout sessions much more tiresome. Also bikes with seat variations from the same brand should be avoided. Generally seat adjustment feature in these bikes are available straight from the regular to the very high end models.

Mat space: Another important feature is the room for a mat under the bike. Generally we place these bikes over our carpets which might get stained by the grease. Thus these mats provide excellent option in protecting the carpet as well as dampening the noise and the vibrations.

Bottle holder: Water bottle holder is also one of the most vital points to be present in a spin-bike. Basically during long hours of workout it would be really awkward to stop the workout regime to just fetch a bottle of water so this bottle holder will be handy in those times.

Fitness monitor: The spin bike should come equipped with a computer and screen to monitor all the vitals and also keep track of the time and calories burnt. It should also provide a detailed distribution of every phase of the workout with the corresponding heart rates, pulse timings, calories burnt and the exercise goals.

Foldability: Many of the houses might not have the requisite space to keep a spin bike. During those times, a foldable bike is very useful. It helps in saving up the valuable space and also don’t spoil the aesthetics of a place unless it’s a gym.

These points are very common but are also very important when it comes to spending money to buy a spin bike. Though these points might vary from person to person, but the above listed facts work on as a generic framework of a buying guide.

So the next time one makes a spin bike purchase, they exactly know which sections to focus on in their budget range.

Lyle V. Hensley

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