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Obtaining Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) From India

Obtaining Human Growth Hormone

Demand for Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Many body builders are seeking out HGH because of the benefits associated with it such as: rebuilding of muscles, slowing down the aging process and increasing the bone mass. The only problem is how hard it is to obtain it legally in the United States because of various restriction put in place to control the use of HGH.

Reasons for HGH Restrictions in the United States

Obtaining Human Growth Hormone

Few tests have been done on the use of HGH and it is feared that improper use can lead to serious health complications such as; diabetes, sore joints, severe arthritis, edema and even high blood pressure . HGH is also very expensive in the United States as compared to buying it from over sea markets such as India.

Obtaining HGH in the United States requires prescription from a doctor. This has led people to try obtaining it from different markets such as from Indian suppliers for HGH. India has various sellers and producers for HGH and thus it offers the best alternative.

Buying HGH from India does not come without its risks and complications which I discuss below.

  1. Shipping cost

Purchasing HGH from India is expensive because of the shipping cost that is incurred in the process. This process also takes time and it is cumbersome.

  1. Fake products

It is hard to verify the authenticity and quality of the HGH purchased from the Indian market. As one may purchase HGH cream for weight loss from a company that deliberately makes fake HGH products. This has led to the need for testing of the purchased products to verify their authenticity.

  1. Hard to identify reputable website for HGH

Research is required to identify reputable websites from where to purchase genuine HGH products. Care must be taken so as to avoid purchasing fake products. Also identify reputable health and fitness websites from where to purchase the product.

  1. Health Risks

Use of fake HGH products introduces health risks to the user as they may not know the components used to make the fake HGH product. Body builders should exercise caution when purchasing HGH products online from India as use of fake or low quality HGH products may lead to serious health implications.

  1. Impact on natural Human Growth Hormone

Taking low grade HGH can make the body to halt producing the natural human growth hormone which can have adverse effects on the body.


Buying HGH from India does not come without its risks and thus those who intend to purchase the substance should take extra caution when buying the products to ensure they do not purchase counterfeit HGH. Buyers should be careful and should carryout research to identify reputable websites from where to purchase the product.

Buyers should also be wary of websites that offer very low prices as compared to the rest of the market as this can be an indication for counterfeit Products. Body builders and other people who intend to Buy HGH from India should find a way to test the products before using them.

Lyle V. Hensley

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