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How Can Small Business Afford To Pay Health Insurance For Employees?

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Among the numerous issues that today’s small business owners must address are offering the same type of incentives and benefits that large-scale businesses have been doing all along. Not only to compete effectively for the most qualified job applicants, but also to make sure their employees feel cared about, and are kept in the best health possible. As insurance costs continue to escalate, even the bigger companies are looking at ways to reduce benefits or even drop them altogether, in order to stay afloat. We’re beginning to see a lot more freelancing and contracted jobs in a burgeoning effort to evade the requirements associated with hiring on full-time employees.

Contract Jobs Lack Attractiveness
Although companies enjoy the freedom and new bottom line that comes when they’re relieved of the responsibility of providing employee benefits, those jobs become less attractive to employable applicants, who recognize benefits as another vital form of performance compensation that arguably augments salary and wages. In a time when many small business owners are saying that they cannot afford to offer benefits coverage for their employees, the truth is that they can’t afford NOT to offer it. The hopelessness of this situation has been long in need of a solution, and fortunately, Benecaid has developed an effective way for enabling sustainable benefits plans to even the smallest of operations, by using unique strategies offering more hands-on participation and all the pertinent information for wise choices.

Where to Begin
The best way to design the insurance benefits for a small company is found by interviewing personnel, having them fill out detailed surveys and offer feedback as to what the most important aspects would be to them. The employer can then make the best choices to coincide with the evaluations provided by employees.

Reinventing Traditional Insurance With Options
By offering unique and non-traditional employee benefits plan like the Benecaid flexFIT™ program, employers of small businesses are gratefully relieved of health care burdens by paying only what employees actually use. It’s an employee insurance plan with fully customizable benefits with solutions that are based on proven evidence that all businesses have their own very different needs. Here, customizations can be made that best complement each individual operating budget. Benecaid’s flexStyle® enables more structured benefits in keeping with a more traditional form of group insurance for employees. Planning for both predictable and unexpected healthcare costs include many customizing options here, as well. Employees receive valuable coverage while employers are able to more efficiently control costs.

Where Benecaid is Different
There are a myriad of ways in which Benecaid effectively bridges access to insurance for employees of small businesses. Specifics like more choices in obtaining the types of insurance coverage offered and companies only paying for what their employees actually use make a sizeable difference in adequately covering everyone. There are no surprise renewals, and unused payments are even returned to the sponsor of the plan. Employers are able to afford offering their valued employees insurance options because they have control in establishing the percentages of responsibility by using a more win-win approach.

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