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For Lgbt Millennials, Online Dating Apps Are A Blessing Or A Curse

Online Dating Apps

In today’s modern world, finding love is pretty easy. Because the thing you call love is only lust. For a generation raised in front of LED screens, it’s hard to accept that there is no such thing left as love. Due to the remarkable advancement in technology, popular dating apps are playing a major role in the love lives of millennials. Dating apps are changing the way potential lovers communicate. Conditioned to socialize online, millennials are now using the online platform to find their true mates.

The rise of digital dating is also benefiting the huge LGBT community. This is because LGBT millennial doesn’t always have the same opportunities as other people. To find a partner for them by breaking the traditional courtship behavior is a big step. For LGBT singles who belong to a conservative family or community, online dating is the safest way to meet their potential partners.

Online Dating Apps

As the rights for LGBT and same-sex marriage protections are making good progress people are getting more aware of how things work for them. They can live freely and be open about telling who they are. In big cities where it is becoming a blessing for the LGBT community to marry or date someone like them. There are some people also who are being abused for belonging to this community. This not end here but same-sex couples are also subjected to physical attacks sometimes.

Being a man getting kissed by another man in public is something that can make you uncomfortable if you living in a place where homosexuality is illegal. Whereas living in a place where you are not legally restricted to date anybody is more than a blessing. Few of the dating apps are even restricted to access in some countries where it is strictly prohibited to date someone who belongs to the same-sex as you are. People must understand that the LGBT community is also human. They also have the right to live their lives in the way they want. Forcing them to become someone who they are not can result in worse. These kinds of anxieties or pressure from any legislation can provoke them to end their life.

However, in some places, people and even their law is too open about dating people from the LGBT community. They are free to break their family norms and find a date online. LGBT millennial is also human, they can break amorality rules and walk-in public.

Everyone deserves the right to live free and live happily. These apps will cage you and your partner in a virtual closet where you are trapped in a protective but isolating bubble of the online love experience. Also, if you belong to the LGBT community, you don’t have to think about what people think. Download a dating app and look for your true mate. If you find someone who is passionately devoted to you then your life will turn into a blessing part from the fact that you belong to the LGBT community.

Lyle V. Hensley

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