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Dissertation Help – 4 Important Question Related To Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Help Question Related To Dissertation Writing

How do I improve my writing skills?

  1. Best way to improve writing skills is to finish first draft as early as possible and send it to your supervisor for correction of draft and writing errors. Repeating this for your dissertation help you to know your mistakes.
  2. For ESL students, it is better to take help from English friend for finding mistakes.
  3. Almost all universities have writing centres to offer writing support. Attend their courses and ask for help in improving your writing skills.
  4. Read as much academic articles you can. Search them on internet and adopt the writing style use in those articles.

Dissertation Help  Question Related To Dissertation Writing

How to Keep the Track of Bibliography

If you are PhD student you need to develop efficient way to organize bibliography of your dissertation. This helps you to avoid getting lost in larger piles of data that you will need to write your dissertation. The simplest way to keep a track of all those articles that you read and find relevant with your research is to make a database where you can precise every chapter/article into few bullet points to remember the content.

One more useful tool for creating such database effectively is to learn how to use RMS or reference management system like EndNote. EndNote or any other RMS is comparatively very easy to use and it helps you to save your time for organizing bibliography. This might be very healthy, particularly when your reference section is suspiciously missing 2 hours before submission.

How To Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism may cost your degree, therefore it is important to know how to avoid it. Sometimes plagiarism occur unintentionally, and it occur due to copy/pasting particular sections of journal articles cited instead of simply rephrasing them. While you present any information which is not your very own idea, be careful to mention its source and avoid writing that statement exactly the way it is written in the source.

What Format Should A Dissertation Have?

Different colleges and universities have different guidelines of dissertation format. It is important to see universities guidelines before submission to avoid pelaisation. Better is to learn those guidelines before starting to write a single bit of your dissertation. By this you help yourself to waste time changing the format further. Generally, most universities need 1.4 to 2 line spacing, 12 font size and printed on A4 size paper. These format may not be compulsory result in aesthetically attracting help dissertation UK, however help in beautifying your project.


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