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Best Reasons To Celebrate Your Birthday

Best Reasons To Celebrate Your Birthday

Why should you celebrate your birthday?

There can be zillion reasons to convince you enough to not celebrate your birthday. These may include your opinion of you being really low, budget problems, you getting old and you hate that fact of your life leading towards an older age. But let me tell you one thing, you need only one reason to inspire you to celebrate your birthday and well, I’m gonna give you many.

In our childhood we loved our birthdays because we were excited to grow older, be taller, be independent, become our role models and from a kid’s perspective, get a lot of presents. The excitement is long gone and so is the childhood. We’re adults now and let’s face the reality, we aren’t getting any younger.

Best Reasons To Celebrate Your Birthday

We’ll have to accept the life as it comes to us as every age we play, has its own fun and challenges.

Be optimistic, for the birthday we have at present and many more to come. To be optimistic about a new challenge in life and the new happiness it’s going to grant us.

Being adult has its own challenges and happiness which comes in small packets called babies. It’s true you’ll get older and will take care of babies in a couple of years but he happiness you have being a parent, can only be justified by a parent.

For adults who have babies growing up, you have lived your adulthood properly and it’s time for a different happiness, a happiness which is not selfish and comes after seeing your young ones grow up, work hard and be successful. You’ll be at ease and can live your life tension free after that. In fact, you’ll be the one seeking attention like a baby after that.

You should learn to be optimistic about every stage that occurs in your life and then it’s your choice to welcome it with a grin or be scared and spend your birthday with a sad face.

For the ones who care about you, you should also keep in mind the efforts they’ve put in to make your birthday happening. You shouldn’t cry like a baby or be sad about getting another year older. It hurts the people who really care for you. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you welcome the day with a smile and be happy that you are lucky enough to have those close ones around you who really care of your feelings and your birthday.

Time won’t turn back and you won’t get any younger. Imagine not celebrating your birthday this time and imagine five years past this. Wouldn’t you have another excuse to crib about that oh my god! You were younger five years back and you may wish you would’ve celebrated it properly and had good memories to reminisce upon. So you better celebrate it properly now as you’re younger than the upcoming year and every other year you’ll have your last birthday’s happy and fun memories.

The more the merrier:  birthday parties always reunite people, wouldn’t it make you happy to meet old friends and relatives and revive your friendship with them?

To celebrate your strength and inspire others, to celebrate for what you have become, your success and your accomplishments. For what you have achieved in life, from your materialistic trophies, to your real earnings, your true friends and foes, celebrate everything. Seeing your optimism, it can be really inspiring for others too to welcome your life and happily surrender to it with grace and beauty. To see it and deal with it positively and make lots of beautiful friendly wishes as it’s never too late to wish and try your best chance to chase the dreams you still hold.

So go ahead, celebrate your birthday and a very Happy and fun Birthday to you!

Lyle V. Hensley

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