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6 Trendy Saree Fabrics Which Can Pep Up Your Look



Not only in India but round the globe, sarees have been sited among the sexiest dresses. If you are a saree lover, then this might interest your curious hormones. These pieces are perfect for Kardashian twins and also suit any type of occasions. (Except beach-side sprees!)

Materials play a significant role in this and it must suit your body structure and skin. Here we have listed some of the must own saree materials that will definitely pep up every body style.

Start your journey…

Evergreen Cotton Sarees


Cotton sarees are eternal choice of the saree lovers as they can be worn in any season, at any event. Synonymous form of Indian tradition, cotton is truly light in weight, skin friendly and makes skin breathable. So at the end of the day, it makes your gorgeous saree hectic free and perspiration friendly. What else you need to think while picking this type!?

#Page3tip: Cottons are more stiff than any other fabric, so don’t forget to wear your attitude as well!!!

Slim Down Effect : Georgette Sarees


Shush all the voices when you strut on the ramp of the event while carrying a designer georgette saree. With georgette, it is all the more easy.

Inspired from silk, georgette is responsible for that illusionary bouncy effect on the silhouettes of sarees. The sarees portrays feminine appeal and sheer form. Available in various, colours and trends, ‘Faux Georgette’, a designer creation sought to be more demanding as an alternative to georgette sarees.

#Page3tip: Club it with sleek jewellery and pencil heels.

Be Original You: Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees


From years, Bhagalpuri silk sarees have in lime-light and loved by all age groups of women. Resembling tender silk yarns, these sarees are tailored to lay a royal effect on your persona. Various designed have researched a lot and year after years, they come up with variety of patterns in Bhagalpuri silk sarees. Its an excellent combination of trend and royalty.

#Page3tip: Great on wide figures and tall postures.

I Like The Touch : Satin Sarees


High time for fashion? Snatch out satin sarees from the pile up collections.

They ensemble a high end look, luxurious silhouette and uplifts elaborate embellishments as well. Due to their shimmering effect, they are best for unplanned special events.

Originally taken out of silk, the royal effect of satin also provides drapes well over the body. Having an another reason to flaunt your curve?

#Page3tip: Lill dark complexion looks super sexy!

Sheer Blush: Chiffon Sarees


Markets are heavily hyped with chiffon sarees now. There are several reasons, some are; they are lightweight, easy to carry, reflects a sheer glance and stays comfortable on skin. Famed as an evening wear, chiffon saree looks fabulous when comes with contemporary prints and embroidered border work.

Is this your next party-wear?

#Page3tip: Go for sassy designer blouses because now you can flaunt that too.

Bebolicious Net Sarees


At your BFFs wedding or special night out with beau, net sarees have always taken out the show. Due to their complete see through appeal, they are an Oomph factor for hourglass figures. Even having light make-up, little accessories and you will be done after wearing net saree.

#Page3tip: High neck and extreme short blouses are the real partners of net sarees.

Catch your next steal and share your experiences. We would love to listen you.

Lyle V. Hensley

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