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Wonderful Healing Powers Of Cinnamon

Wonderful Healing Powers Of Cinnamon

The list of the incredible healing powers of cinnamon is very long. Like other natural herbs, cinnamon also comes with a lot of health benefits. It can be used as both a home remedy as well as a beauty enhancer. But still, before using any new product or herbs, you must always consult an expert to avoid any kind of health hazards. Dr. Naram has been practicing ancient healing for past decade and he explains the miraculous qualities of cinnamon.

Healing power of cinnamon

Wonderful Healing Powers Of Cinnamon


Cinnamon is believed to help in providing some relief to patients suffering from arthritis. The oil can be used for massage and you can drink the tea.


The anti-bacterial characteristic of cinnamon helps a lot in healing bacterial problems. If can try cinnamon tea instead of normal tea.

It Prevents Cancer

According to some sources, cinnamon can even prevent certain types of cancers. Using cinnamon before developing any disorder results to be better as prevention proves to be better than cure.


Cinnamon is rich in the anti-microbial properties and that make it a good disinfectant. You can use it in your kitchen but ensure that you use a few drops of this oil to wipe your sinks and the counter tops in your kitchen


According to some studies, cinnamon can help you to stay alert and active. You can drink and that may help you stay active in your workplace.


As cinnamon smells well, it can be used as an odor controller. Using a few drops of cinnamon oil can help you in getting rid of foul odors in your kitchen.


You all know that anti-oxidants play very important role in maintaining a good health and repairing free radical damages. You can use it to maintain health as cinnamon is rich in antioxidants.

Weight Control

Cinnamon can play an important role in making your blood circulation process better. If your circulation is healthy then naturally your metabolism gets boosted. In this way, you can control your body weight without getting obesity.

Blood Sugar

Cinnamon is very helpful in controlling your blood sugar level. Cinnamon will be highly effective for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. According to Dr. Pankaj Naram, you need to use it regularly to get the benefit.

Dental Problems

Cinnamon can also destroy the harmful bacteria in your mouth and help you to have healthy teeth and gums. This is why cinnamon is used as an essential ingredient in some toothpastes and chewing gums.


You can also use Cinnamon for its beauty benefits. Many people use it for good skin, hair and also for treating acne and pimples.


According to some sources, cinnamon can also help in maintaining a healthy heart. Cinnamon can prevent heart problem.


According to some sources, the aroma of cinnamon oil is very affective to lift your mood. This is why cinnamon can help you in dealing with your depression.

From the above discussion you can now realize the amazing benefits of cinnamon. So if you have never used cinnamon for the above mentioned purposes, you can give it a try.

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