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Wire Knitting: Steps to Knit a Simple Bracelet Using a Wire Mesh

Vaani Kapoor

Wire knitting is somewhat the same with yarn knitting; both techniques are the same as each other. However, using a wire is quite harder to knit, so you need to exert some effort. Compared with yarn, knitting is a bit simple since the material is made from fabrics or soft components. Also, knit stitches are different when using wire mesh than fiber.

If you don’t have any idea on how to knit a wire, this is the perfect time for you to practice a wire knitting technique. Don’t worry, today’s article will serve as your guide for the whole knitting process.


Prepare first the needed materials.

Vaani Kapoor

Materials Needed for Wire Knitting

  • 24 yards of 28-gauge artistic wire mesh
  • One knitting needles, preferably size 4 US
  • Beads or other creative decoration for your bracelet
  • Wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
  • Clasp for closure

The usual format for the bracelet is two inches in width and 6.25 inches in length. Sizes will vary depending on the wrist size of the person who will wear the bracelet.

Steps to Knit a Wire Bracelet

  • Before you start, slide all the needed beads on the wire mesh and allowing them to hang at the bottom part of the wire
  • By using a wrap cast, made at least eight stitches. Leave a tiny tail with the size of six inches to linked with your clasp later
  • You must knit in two rows
  • On the following row, ‘don’t forget to knit the first one, then slide each bead into a position in between the first and second stitches. After that, knit the wire an additional three more stitches. Once finished, slide another bead and knit an extra three stitches, then slide another bead to decorate, and knit again to complete the row. If ‘you’re using a flat kind of beads, then the opposite side of the bead will be the front.

Continue With the Pattern

  • To continue with your bracelet pattern, you must knit without using any beads half an inch for about three to five rows. Always make sure that when you place the bead row, ‘you’re on the same pattern that you were last time
  • Continue to follow until ‘you’ve utilized at least 15 beads or until ‘you’ve achieved the desired length of the bracelet. It is also advisable to keep the bottom side of your piece bead-free if you ‘don’t want an overly fitted bracelet
  • If you ‘don’t like beads, ‘there’s no need to worry. Simply, knit straight until ‘you’ve reached the desired length of the bracelet.

Polishing the Bracelet

  • Once ‘you’re through with the wire knitting, ‘don’t forget to cut the wire and leave a tail of at least 6 inches in length. Then, pull the bracelet to block its shape
  • Remove the stitches off the needle and slide the wire mesh through each one. Remember, push them one by one and pull tight to close the holes
  • Once ‘you’ve reached the center, ‘don’t forget to link your clasp. If you’re using across stitches, weave the wire in the end and remove the excess
  • Knit the wire to the center on the cast by applying the same pattern and link the clasp to the other side.

Nevertheless, choosing the techniques that ‘you’re comfortable to use ‘doesn’t affect the knitting process. All outcome will be the same, not unless you use a different kind of beads to make your bracelet looks appealing.

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