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Why CNC wood router Are Loved ByCraftsmans?

CNC wood router

If you like to work with modern technology then you have to use CNC wood router. You can control the CNC wood router with the software system. For this, the trim and accuracy are far better than the hand. This router moves and cuts in three directions. The direction helps to give a perfect cut to all wood.

You can cut any types of wood like copper, acrylic, PVC, foam, brass easily. As there are many kinds of CNC wood router machine. You have to consider some main features while choosing the best one for you.

CNC wood router

Features of CNC wood router:

A CNC wood router is totally user-friendly wood router. As it runs with modern technology, some hesitate to work with it. But the fact is this router is easy and quick. Here are some best features of CNC router you will love:

  • CNC router has 3 types drive system-lead screw, rack and pinion and ball screw. You have to choose according to your work type. But among them, Ballscrew is the most expensive one.
  • You will get to know about servo motor and stepper motor. The servomotor is good for high speed and force and the stepper one is for less speed and force.
  • As a cutting tool spindle works as the cutting tool. While choosing spindle check force, speed, collet size and type and the capability of the motor.
  • Make sure your router has the system of automatic tool changing system. This system requires when you have to use multiple tools. This automatic system helps to do your job with ease and fast.
  • The size of the table has to proper and perfect to fit any routing machine. You have also picked the size per the room size.
  • You can guess the quality of the machine by the weight of the machine. If the machine is heavy then the router is best for quality and performance.
  • As it is software base machine you have to put accurate software in the machine and update it regularly.
  • The router has the vacuum system to collect the wood and other material dust. Because a huge amount of dust will be generated through this router.
  • Try to purchase the high in quality accessories for the CNC wood router. Because bad quality accessories will affect the quality of the router.

The advantage of CNC wood router:

  • You will get a perfect cut with this router.
  • Thousands of perfect copies can be made with this router.
  • The speed and force are not matched with human force and speed.
  • Easy control and precise.


  • Expensive to use for every purpose.

Finally, you can see to own a CNC wood router is a dream come true for any artisan. The cut, a design is so perfect and accurate with this wood router that you will get a unique design. You can set the machine in your place or in the shop. It is just you have to keep the machine updated with the latest software and make it work. Use this router and design your own furniture.

Lyle V. Hensley

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