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What Makes Quartz Countertop Ottawa Best Choice For Your Kitchen?

quartz countertop

When it countertops are concerned there are lots of choices available in the market these days. For this, you can select Corian surfaces, decorative laminates, various kinds of natural stones like marble, granite, etc. However, among all the choices available one of the very good option available today is quartz countertop Ottawa.

In case you are planning to purchase this then make sure that you get it from a reliable supplier like Capital Stoneworks Quartz. There are several reasons that will entice you opt for this kind of countertops. Following are some of the reasons that make the quartz best choice for countertops.

quartz countertop

Naturally beautiful

The best part of these countertops is that it is naturally very beautiful. The look of these countertops is based over the size of granules utilized. The finer granules are able of offer sturdy appearance. If there are big crystals then it will be able to offer speckled appearance like that of the granite.

There are lots of colors in which these countertops are available from neutral colors to bright colors. Due to this, you are bound to find the one that is suitable to your preference and taste.

Durable option

Another good thing about quartz countertop is that it is much stronger when compared to granite. This makes it less delicate to cracking and chipping. Also, this material is resistant to wear and tear.

In case you accidentally drop the knife you need not have to worry as there will be no scratches on the countertop. However, if you have marble or laminate countertop then there would be scratches for sure. In order to damage these countertops, you will be required to put a lot of force and weight.

It is non-porous

These countertops are actually non-porous material. This refers that it will not captivate any kind of liquid or water. Quartz countertop material being non-porous is one of the biggest benefits in comparison to the other kind of natural stones available.

No need of sealing

In case you have granite countertops it will need a sealer once installation is done and this needs to be done on regular basis for preventing staining. However, for this kind of countertops there is no need for sealing as it being non-porous. Also, these countertops do not require much maintenance in comparison to other materials of countertops.

Bacteria resistant

At the time food or moisture penetrates the surface there is the development of bacteria. However, you do not be anxious when you have quartz. This is because it being non-porous does not allow the growth of bacteria. The fact is that these countertops are certified as the safe surfaces for food preparations.

Staining resistant

When common liquids of kitchen fall on the surface like lemon juice, coffee or tea it does not cause any kind of stain. In case you have granite or any other material countertop then staining is possible if it is not sealed or maintained well.

These are some of the benefits you can get from installing these quartz countertops for your kitchen.

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