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What Are the Different Types of Escape Rooms You Must Try?

Escape Rooms You Must Try

You will find different kinds of escape rooms that comes with its own specifics and features. Some of these types are effective for large sized teams as it needs a significant level of collaborative thinking and teamwork. Other type of escape rooms is ideal for teams that start off with two people. Such type of rooms offers each player with their own opportunity to solve their own puzzles.

The better one understands the difference between these types, the better position they are in to make the right choices. This article will teach you to select the right one in accordance to the group size and skill level shown. This information will help you make this team building event a lot beneficial from the practical viewpoint.

Escape Rooms You Must Try

Linear escape rooms

In a linear form of escape room, you will be presented with a series of numerous puzzles that can be resolved in a specific sequence. You will not see the next clue till you find the previous one. In a linear escape room, questions get displayed one after another.

This is a great setting for smaller teams and beginners wherein participants do not get overwhelmed on being presented with various tasks and elaborate details at once. There can be several linear escape rooms to accomplish before you reach the ultimate goal, but only one door can open at one time.

You get access to the next door only when the puzzles in the previous door get solved. presents intelligently and creatively designed escape rooms that make it quite challenging for participants to come out of it successfully.

Non-linear escape rooms

This type of escape room is perfect for team with large number of participants. It is best for a team with a group size of ten people. A non-linear form of setting is important to keep each member busy throughout the game so that none of the members get bored.

By choosing a non-linear form of escape room game, you can rest assured that each and every member in the team is engaged. Generally, this type of games comprises of many smaller sized puzzles that are linked to each other. It leads you to a larger puzzle that needs to be solved to win the game.

Mixed Non-linear and Linear escape rooms

As the name suggests, this game is a combination or balance of both the above-mentioned forms of escape room games. This combination generally has a large puzzle that has to be solved in chunks.

Only when you solve a set of puzzles, you will be presented with a handful of new set of puzzles. In this way, you solve small puzzles in sets to finish a big puzzle. The puzzles are designed to be a pattern of alternating difficult tasks with easier questions.


Hope learning about all these types has helped you realize what type of room seems to be the most appropriate for you as well as your friends. The right selection of the type of escape room game will surely make your game playing experience much more enjoyable, advantageous and rewarding.

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