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Wellness for Men

Wellness for Men

Are you prone to sickness or feeling weaker as the day goes by?  You may also relate that as by gaining excessive fat and becoming overweight. And even though how much diligent you work out, you just can’t lose weight.  In some cases, you have less or no sexual desires and having trouble getting ready for action. You have probably blamed your age for that and keep saying to yourself that “I’m probably getting older”.

Well, that is the partial truth but most of the time, it is due to the unhealthy lifestyle that disrupts the balance of hormones in the body. It usually may be directly related to low testosterone level, which is can be considered a factor why the body is becoming weaker.

Facts about Testosterone

Testosterone is a very crucial part of group hormone called androgens. It helps develop the second characteristic of the body such as muscles and bone. It provides mass in the muscles and at the same enhances the quality of it through strengthening. Testosterone also increases the bone density making it stronger and ward off diseases such as osteoporosis.

For males, it is considered as the most important hormone for the development of the reproductive tissues like the prostate and testis. It is also responsible for the growth spurt during adolescence. Testosterone production is known to be at peak during that time and as the body ages, it gradually decreases the production.

Wellness for Men

Low Level of Testosterone

Hypogonadism is the medical term for males diagnosed with low testosterone. It is usually depicted in symptoms like depression, reduction or zero sexual desires, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Even though such symptoms are too common for other diseases, to determine if the root of the problem is the testosterone level, it is important to undergo a blood test. Specific blood tests which can help determine a man’s testosterone level.

If the testosterone level is too level, the body is will become sluggish and weak. In such state, it makes the body prone to diseases and makes older men overweight. It also deters the physical capabilities of the body and stored fats are harder to burn out. If the testosterone level is too high, it is also can cost complication. There is a possibility of incurring serious damage to the liver and kidney. It also increases a chance to develop a serious heart condition during this state. Therefore, it is important to keep testosterone level balanced.

Replacing Testosterone in the Body

Well since testosterone naturally decreases as we age, it is important to replace it to keep the body’s hormone balance. To increase the natural production of the testosterone, it is important to keep a healthy diet with a priority in eating foods that have high content of zinc. It is also important to keep the body active and lose the excess fats through physical activities. Supplement that with lots of rest and sleep. It is also important to lessen sugar intake since it reduces testosterone level in the blood dramatically.

It is also an option to seek help in the field of medicine as long with the recommendation of a health specialist. There is lots of testosterone replacement therapy available now like through injection or tablets that can be taken orally. There other options like topical testosterone gel and cream which are introduced through the skin.  

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