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Ways to Market Your Craft Brewery

Ways to Market Your Craft Brewery

Every year, the popularity and sale of craft beers continues to increase across all states. While the overall sale of beer dropped by 1%, craft rose by 5% in 2017 to reach an all time high of over $25 billion. These statistics from Brewers Association go to show that the industry is not only growing but its highly lucrative.

Your venture is among the over 6000 craft breweries that are fighting for a place in the market. Not only are you competing with other microbrewers but also the huge players who have hefty accounts to spend on marketing and sale promotions.Here are ways to market your craft brewery effectively and at minimal cost.

Embrace Online Marketing

The world has gone digital and with millennials being the majority partakers of craft beer, your brewery needs to have an online presence. Social medial platforms have become the go-to-guides on what is new and worth spending on. Start by opening accounts across social media platforms with your brewor brand name.

Ways to Market Your Craft Brewery

Once the accounts are up and running, concentrate on creating a fanatical following. Here are some pointers;

  • Create hashtags that highlight your brews, location or events. With these you can monitor who is saying what about your products; it’s a chance to steer the conversation by addressing queries and complaints.

  • Upload videos and photos of your brewing process and those of patrons enjoying your brews (of course with their consent). This increases visibility and allows people to relate more with your brews.

  • Be creative with your posts to bring out the fun side of your brand. Consider a theme song, daily beer jokes etc. While at it, find out how others are utilizing these platforms.

Be Part of the Community

Craft beer is mainly targeted at the locals. Be engaged with activities happening in your community. This will get people talking about your brand which beats expensive advertising whether on print or visual media.

Sports and beer go together, capitalize on this by sponsoring local teams.The idea is to have patrons trooping to your pub after games. Go for softball, basketball and soccer teams. You could even sponsor a trophy for an adult bowling tournament. Sponsoring a charity run on a worthy cause will also boost your local ties.

Host a beer fest to galvanize people around your brand. This can be a twice a year event for starters and increase frequency thereafter based on its success. Local business also works best by complementing each other. Partner with local bakeries, artists and restaurants for events and promotions.

Craft Beer and use Designs that Stand Out

Craft beer drinkers have been described as,“experimenters and nonlinear explorers who jump from one new beer or spirits or hard cider to another without an obvious, discernable progression”. This goes to show that the market is fluid and maintaining clientele is not an easy task.

Marketing will drive up sales but that may change with time if your product lacks uniqueness.Your brew has to be stylish enough to keep customers coming for more.Come up with a recipe and flavor (s) that is consistent and trendy. The bottle or glass should also be appealing to your target market.

What does your brewery design or signage say about you?Invest on artists who can come up with trendy business and storefrontlogos; same goes for your website, business cards and fliers – you could even get custom cut stickers to hand out to customers or beer enthusiasts at different events to help spread the word.

That said,

Let your brew tell a story. Weave a tale that will make your customers relate with your brand. Explain the reason behind your brewing procedures, why the bottle shape is efficient, the inspiration behind the brand name, what your mission and vision is.

Once people have identified with your brew, they are more likely to stick around and be part of your brand’s growth.

Lyle V. Hensley

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