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Using Small Of The Back Holsters With Flair

Where a user wears the holster determines how quickly he can draw his weapon, and how easily he is able to replace it after each use. The most common place to wear a handgun holster is on the waist, usually on the belt. However, some people do prefer to carry their guns in the small of the back, especially if they are carrying smaller handguns.

It is common practice to choose an alternate handed holster when opting to carry a gun in the back; this, however, is a wrong practice. One of the main reasons this is discouraged is because it becomes nearly impossible to get the right grip every time you want to draw the weapon if you use an alternate holster. Another disadvantage is that it forces the muzzle of the gun to be pointed directly at your side during the draw. This puts you in the direct path of danger. Thus, if you are right-handed, use a right-handed holster; and if you are left-handed, use a left-handed one at all times.

Holsters With Flair

Make the best of customizable positions

Drawing from the back does have its disadvantages, especially with accessibility. This can be countered effectively by adjusting the cant angle and the height to favorable measures. When drawing the gun, it is recommended that you turn your upper body in the respective direction and grip the firearm with your palm facing towards the body. Once you have a suitable grip, you can draw the weapon as you normally would, which puts you in a familiar position pretty quickly.

This positioning makes you a smaller target since only an angled profile of your body is exposed to your opponent. This will also enable you to have a proper grip on the equipment, and the muzzle will naturally face away from your body, thus reducing the risks of shooting yourself while drawing the handgun significantly.

CrossBreed Mini Tuck holsters offer a comfortable and safe conceal and carry option. They are designed especially for smaller firearms and ensure the highest levels of safety and discreteness at all times; whatever be the situation. They are designed to have customizable cant and height, thus allowing users to adjust the accessibility in a manner that suits them best. Start your hunt for the right holster or your gun on online portals of repute; you will not be disappointed with the results.

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