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Top 10 Dinosaur Theme Parks In The World

Dinosaur Theme Parks In The World

Dinosaur theme parks have fantasized most kids and people across the globe, especially after the release of the Jurassic Park series. Let’s go through the 10 theme parks focusing dinosaurs and its history worldwide:

1. Dinosaur Park, Cedar Creek, TX

The Dinosaur Park have a unique museum that have dinosaur skeletons and realistic life size dinosaur exhibits which show skin and color variations to give better experience about dinosaurs as how they looked and behaved when alive.

2. Dinosaur World, Plant City, FL

Dinosaur Park is conveniently located in Florida, between Orlando and Tampa which is dedicated to giants of the years past. You may encounter a wide variety of dinosaurs in unique, natural lush settings. Other activities include fossil dig, playground, and picnic area.

3. Dinosaur Land, White Post, VA

This theme park was open for over fifty years now. It features over fifty dinosaurs which helps the visitors to step into the world of prehistoric past. The park also endorses an enormous gift shop which has lots of dinosaur related items for your entire family.

4. Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park, Ogden, UT

The park exhibits the various animatronic dinosaurs in life size with movements to exhibit how dinosaurs used to behave when alive. The park also now adorns the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur ever found. The park management can also make special arrangements for events like birthday parties and corporate events.

5. Prehistoric Gardens, Port Orford, OR

The park is a perfect blend of nature, science and adventure. It’s a prehistoric garden which is a family friendly destination stop on your visit to Oregon Coast. The park is deemed to have been existed along the Oregon’s Highway 101 coastal route since 1955 and adorns 23 life size dinosaurs.

6. Dinosaurs Alive! Kings Dominion Theme Park, Doswell, VA

The park is a perfect place to come face to face with animatronic dinosaurs which are practically breathing and moving plus you can control various movements. The parks bring most immersive and comprehensive Mesozoic experience designed to thrill the guests of all ages.

7. Field Station: Dinosaurs, Secaucus, NJ

The park is located right off the New Jersey Turnpike is a 20-acre park which is set against the breathtaking natural backdrop. It features 32 fully animatronic giants which are almost 90-foot long. The other attractions of park include fossil digs along with various workshops, games and live performances.

8. Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, SD

The park is one of most famous tourist attraction of the Black Hill established in 1936. The park is also famous because not far from the park dinosaur footprints have been found. The park contains seven, life sized wire mesh framed replicas.

9. Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo, Ossineke, MI

The Dinosaur garden seems to have it all when it comes to prehistoric amusements. The park adorns hissing velociraptors, tar pit carnage, killer pythons, topless cave women, miniature golf, onion rings, a giant statue of Jesus holding a globe and everything to keep you entertained.

10. Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, CA

This tourist attraction was inhibited by a truck shop owner to attract more customers. There are two pre-historic behemoths which are fully accessible buildings enhanced by new management after Ms. Denney’s death in 1988.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dino stories and theme parks!

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