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Things You Didn’t Know About Hgh

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HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone, is produced in the pituitary gland. It is known for its vital roles such as the growth of human tissue, cell regeneration; regulate body composition, body fluids, and fat metabolism. To increase the muscle mass or bone density, Human growth hormone is necessary.  Moreover, it maintains the health of vital organs present in the body. Injecting or consuming Human Growth Hormone has a gamut of advantages and disadvantages. To improve performance, HGH is known to be used by athletes. Based on growth deficiency, the results of HGH depend on the medical condition and age of the person. There are a few interesting facts that you must know about Human Growth Hormone. By consuming HGH, you can see practical results after 2 months.

Natural Production

Human growth hormone reaches its peak during puberty in both males as well as females. However, in the early 20s, it begins to fall and keeps on declining.  It results in weight gain and high cholesterol levels. You can take HGH supplements and see noticeable results after 2 months. During pregnancy, the female produces twice the amount generated in healthy males!

Excessive HGH is harmful too!

Excess of everything is bad. The same goes for HGH too. Excessive HGH may cause Acromegaly. In this condition, your hands and feet become larger.  Besides, your skin may become thick, features of face would change, teeth may grow apart, tongue enlarges and much more. Therefore, a proper prescription is important.


HGH plays a significant role in skin aging and health.  An adequate amount of HGH can keep your skin fresh and free from any wrinkles. Consequently, people ask for more HGH supplements to maintain a healthy glow of their skin.

Sound Sleep

With age, there are more disturbances related to sleep. People tend to sleep for less number of hours. Growth hormone plays an important role here. A reduction in this hormone adversely affects the sleep cycle of the individual causing troubles sleep nights. By taking HGH, you can increase its level and enjoy your sound sleep again. Increasing the levels of HGH can help in the irregular sleeping patterns.

Vision and Hair Growth

Elderly especially complaints about weak eyesight due to their age.  The vision disorders are quite common in this age. Studies have proved that HGH can improve the vision. Enough HGH may even repair the eye completely. Apart from this, HGH promotes hair growth and improves the texture of hair too.


The response of muscles to HGH depends on person’s body. The amount of gain varies depending on one’s workout routine, age, sleep cycle and lifestyle.


As mentioned earlier, HGH promotes the growth of new cells. Thus, it is obvious to use it as a wound healer. It can fix broken bones or burn areas. It is beneficial for the burn victims.

There are certain risks associated with the consumption of HGH such as muscle pain, swelling in ankles and joint pain. A proper prescription must be used to try HGH.

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