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The New Era of Sustainable Farming In The USA

Era of Sustainable Farming In The USA

Gone are the days when conventional farming methods were embraced to produce crops and plants for human and animal consumption. Sustainable farming and crop rotation are the new trends that have hit the market. Many farmers are now replacing conventional farming methods and they are going in for sustainable farming practices in the world today!

Protecting the environment and people

Sustainable farming practices are safe and it is friendly to the eco-system. If you look at it today, you will find that this type of farming gives human beings food organically grown. The consumption of organic food is much safer for human beings. Sustainable farming expert in the USA Geoffrey Morell says that this type of farming shuns the use of chemical fertilizers completely. This means there are no pollutants and toxins that are getting into the air. The biggest threat of chemical fertilizers is that they are made of many chemicals and these toxins are absorbed by the water, soil and air. Humans and animals are affected. The quality of the crops is affected greatly. This is why farmers now are learning the ways of sustainable farming and applying them to their farming techniques.

Era of Sustainable Farming In The USA

The need for natural or organic compost

It is prudent for farmers to embrace organic compost or fertilizers that can be made locally for their farming needs. Like their chemical counterparts, the organic or natural fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These elements are needed for healthy crops and soil. There is a common misconception when it comes to chemical fertilizers among farmers today that they need to be applied to the soil in huge amounts. This is not true. The fertilizer should be applied to the soil in small quantities at the right time. It is not prudent for the farmer to apply the chemical fertilizer to the soil during the winter or the autumn season. The fertilizer should be applied to the soil during the summer season in order to get the maximum benefits.

Improving economy

With the aid of sustainable farming, the economy also benefits. Approximately 40 percent of the population in the world is engaged in agriculture. When sustainable farming practices are deployed the number of jobs in the field also increase. This is a major economic boost. In order to produce organic compost or fertilizers you need people. In the case of chemical fertilizers they are being produced by massive plants in huge quantity. When fertilizers need to be made locally, there will be a huge demand of people. This is a positive sign.

Last but not the least, Geoffrey Morell says that the biggest benefit of sustainable or organic farming is that people will be protected from disease and illness. The plant never absorbs all the nutrients of the fertilizer. The amount that is left gets absorbed by the soil. This means the vegetables you consume is contaminated with toxins derived from fertilizers and pesticides. This is harmful to the well-being of man and animals who depend on agriculture for their food, he says!

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