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The Dark Side Of Steroids

Dark Side Of Steroids

Controversy and steroids are like white on rice, they’re inseparable. The safety of these substances has long been questioned by the general public. Ok, you’re thinking – they’re not body builders how could they know the level of its safety? You’ve got a point. But, when stories of heart attacks, liver failure, and paranoia pop up here and there, it’s hard to argue in favor for steroids. If it’s in small doses, sure, why not? The problem is it’s so unregularized that numerous people lose control when they take it. You see people with unrealistic bodies as a result of the staggering amount they’ve taken. With all the controversy steroids bring, it’s hard to see what possible good can come out of it. But, did you know there are real medical benefits to it?

Dark Side Of Steroids

The Side You Don’t See

There are probably a lot of people you know who have taken steroids one way or another. They’re not the people you might have expected. They don’t hit the gym nor do they look healthy at all. That’s because steroids can be used when it’s for certain ailments. In fact, the elderly are likely candidates for steroid use! Shocking, right? Whenever someone suffers from sicknesses such as arthritis, lupus, gout, then steroids can give them a whole lot of benefits. These controversial substances show their good side here. They reduce a person’s inflammation and decrease the pain they feel from it. It just goes to show you not everything is completely unsafe.

When Too Much is Too Much

Even with the good that steroids can bring, there’s a lot of history of its terrible effects. The most serious has got to be increased aggressiveness. If you’re a wrestling fan you’ve probably heard of the tragic story of Chris Benoit. He was a hero in the ring. The ultimate good guy even! That’s why it was so shocking when news broke out that he murdered his son, his wife, then eventually took his own life. What could drive a man to do such a thing? He had everything, a beautiful family, a flourishing career, plus fame and fortune. Well, a lot of people have pointed to steroids as the cause of this man’s tragic ending. There had been reports he was abusing the substance in order to stay strong. Unfortunately, he was abusing Dianabol which is known to cause dangerous aggression known as “roid rage”. While this is an extreme example that doesn’t happen daily, it just goes to show you how people can take things too far.

A Slippery Slope

If you take steroid in small does under the strict supervision of a licensed trainer or physician then it should be fine. On its own, steroids have great benefits and have been known to increase your mass. The danger comes when you start thinking you know it all and self-medicate. With a substance that has so much controversy, it’s always wise to leave it to the experts when you take it.

Lyle V. Hensley

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