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Staying Connected To Elderly Loved Ones

Elderly Loved Ones

Families start to worry more as loved ones get older. With aging parents living in long distance, it is important to stay connected as you will not find time to visit in person every day. Konnekt Smart Phones are known as the elder-friendly and the world’s simplest smart phone that is designed for elders with hearing loss of disability. They are the perfect phone for elders with memory loss or dementia, depression and social isolation. It enables families to stay connected throughout.

When it comes to the health of elders, smart phones are worth exploring. While most of the devices are complicated for the elders to handle, you will get simple video phone for elderly that can bring positive changes in the life of older individuals.

Emergency contact details

You need to insist on your loved ones carry the phone wherever they go. It gives them easy access to a list of emergency numbers in case of a difficult situation. Having a video phone nearby all time helps them to connect with the loved ones when there is a tough situation.

Improve their mental health by staying connected

How can Konnekt Smart Phones improve the mental health of the elders? There are multiple apps that they can download and use. The phones are designed to improve the cognitive abilities of the seniors. Mind games, interacting apps and other games and puzzles can keep them occupied and also help them show significant progress.

Set appointments and reminders

Smart phones have a lot of benefits like reminders, alarm and other notification features. You can remind the elders to even take their medicines and book an appointment with the doctor. They also get to know the status of their appointment, when they should visit a doctor or what tablet is not available.

These smartphones come with a larger screen and bolder text that makes phone usage easier and simpler for elders. They should have a larger screen which makes it easier for them to view. They can adjust the font size based on your levels.

Easy communication

Whenever there’s a need, the elders of the family members can talk to each other. You can send a group text message, talk to the family members and communicate with them easily via video conference. Communicating with the elders is essential as they get older. You can just tap on the phone to make a phone call and talk to anyone.

Fitness routine

Elders can also use the phone to track their fitness routine. It allows them to count the number of steps and number of miles walked. You can sync up the smart phone to other devices like smart watches, wearable fitness tracker and more. Make a note of the calorie intake and other competitive information about health.

When you look for services, you can find out the advanced features and ensure you have the latest product installed. Would you like to buy a smartphone for your grandparents? Do it now!

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