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Reasons Why Google Sheets Is The Most Effective Tool for Productivity By Google

Most Effective Tool for Productivity By Google

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, your productivity will determine how fast you complete your tasks. Napping, standing desks and taking short walks increase your productivity, however, once seated at your desk, you also need to find a way of increasing your productivity. Using Google Sheets at work or for tutoring Milton increases your productivity in the following ways:

Most Effective Tool for Productivity By Google

  1. It offers better visual consolidation of data

Visualizing all the data required for a project will increase your productivity because it enhances mental processing. Like it or not, clutter (in any form) disrupts your performance. Clutter also drains your efficiency and decreases your processing power. It is also easy to lose interest when data is too disorderly. With the rows and columns, you have an easier time working on large projects. Can you imagine working with pages of comma separated values?

  1. Easy to use

Google Sheets isn’t just easy on the eyes, but it also makes for easy entry of information and change of the same information. Entering information about a new task on the spreadsheets is easy. There are options for merging cells and adding columns and rows. These features will increase your productivity.

It is also worth mentioning that the spreadsheets are simple and powerful. You can input data in a simple order and then link that data to other documents from different sources. Google Sheets gives you the power to link data, and you choose the information you want to link.

  1. Agility

This tool by Google is agile in that it makes it easy for you to filter and sort information based on your changing priorities and criteria. You can also use multiple filters based on different criteria. You also get to save custom filters based on your preferred criteria.

  1. Cross-platform usage – Cloud Storage

Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or LibreOffice, or Apple Numbers are all spreadsheet programs which work on the same basic principle. They have columns, rows, formulas, and sheets. However, Google Sheets is available in the cloud entirely. Therefore, you can use it on any device with access to the internet.

Also, the availability in the cloud means that you don’t have to buy external drives for storage. Also, you don’t have to worry about your data getting lost because your data is safe online.

  1. Multiple features and uses

Google Sheets is more than rows and columns; it has other functions which increase your productivity.  You can use it for the following roles:

  • Project management – Google Sheets gives you access to Gantt Charts. You can use Gantt Charts to determine how tasks overlap and it won’t make the tasks look overcrowded. You can also visualize how resources are distributed and commenting on it transforms the chart into a status report.
  • For approvals – if you need to organize client approvals which are present in various versions, then you can use Google Sheets.
  • Scheduling – you can use it to carve your day or tasks into blocks. It is also effective in assigning team members tasks and client needs. Use it to set goals too.
  • Content audits – to evaluate your progress, you need to audit your performance. It also works for content preparation.
  • Data Visualization – for visualization, Google Sheets gives you dashboard reports. You can use all the data you have to create charts for presentations and project insights.

Finally, you can use the Google Sheets to create feedback forms, to get weekly reviews, competitive assessments and you can also use it as a planner or a calendar.

Lyle V. Hensley

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