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Nootropics: Know The “Smart Drugs” That Can Potentiate The Brain

Potentiate The Brain

At least once in your life, you’ve had to study hard enough for a college entrance examination or a competition with a lot of competition, and when you got there on the day of your exam, you went through the desperate situation of having that “white”. The famous instant forgetfulness is quite common and scientifically proven, being explained by experts as an episode of lapse of memory caused by lack of concentration.

According to them, these small “blackouts” of the mind are related, in most cases, to the excess of activities that a person exerts in the day to day and with the way in which it performs each of them. When a person reads a report while answering the phone or sending e-mails, for example, their chances of having the terrible “whites” in their memory are greater.

It is for this reason that, every day, students and people who work all day in simultaneous activities are in search of medicines and supplements that can help in the improvement of the concentration and memory, in order to increase the production and creativity throughout the routine. However, the bad news is that many of these products, while excellent for potentiating brain function, often have unwanted side effects such as arrhythmia and anxiety, and may even disrupt the daily routine of those who ingest them regularly.

Potentiate The Brain

In this sense, it is easy to understand why so-called nootropics have been successful and popularized in recent years among people who make up this portion of the population. The substances are able to improve brain performance, boosting concentration and memory, but without causing, any negative side effects to those who ingest them, making them ideal in universities and corporations that have extremely competitive environments.

From Greek “nodes”, which means mind, and “trope”, which means direction, the substances dubbed by the scientific community as “smart drugs” are even able to improve cognitive functions efficiently and are even used in treatment of degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. It’s not interesting?

If you suffer from the lack of attention and frequent memory loss, continue reading this article to the end and learn how nootropics can help you solve the problem.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are nothing more than substances, whether natural or synthetic that aid in increasing mental capacity, improving cognitive functions related to concentration, memory and learning, and are even considered great allies to improve mood.

Although they have similar effects to other drugs with the same functions, the great differential of the nootropics is related to the absence of negative side effects and can be used without any interference in the routine of the patient. Commonly known as “smart drugs” or “intelligence drugs,” substances can be in the form of drugs, supplements, plants or even food.

Some of them, even, have been used for thousands of years by men as stimulating agents of the brain, such as chocolate, caffeine and tobacco. However, the term nootropics only came to be known from 1972 when a Romanian researcher named Dr. Cornelium E. Giurgea first used it when referring to the drug Piracetam, very common in the treatment of cognitive and debilitating diseases.

Previously, these substances were only used and could only be prescribed in patients diagnosed with mental illness. Currently, studies with healthy people have pointed out the benefits they can bring to increase brain function.

How do they work?

Nootropics act on the brain, enhancing cognitive abilities, such as concentration and memory, as well as improving productivity, creativity and mood. This is because the substances increase the blood flow in the brain (providing more oxygen), favor neurogenesis (production of neurons) and stimulate the central nervous system.

For those who do not know, the brain is made up of billions of neurons, these connected by synapses and communicating through so-called neurotransmitters. When the latter can emit their signals efficiently, there is an increase in concentration and memory, as well as an improvement in mood. That is why nootropics are so important to solve these problems, since they potentiate the capacity of the synaptic network of the neurons.

The result is more mental energy, improved memory, increased concentration, and increased learning ability. In addition, you can add natural supplement Bacopa Monnieri in your regular diet, it enhances brain function and reduce stress to help fight Alzheimer’s disease, and improving the memory as it works.

Lyle V. Hensley

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