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Megabite: The Leading Electronics Company in Brooklyn, New York

Leading Electronics Company

Militaries across the globe depend on technologies to gain an upper hand over their opponents. From antedating the tactics of enemy to replying to their attacks, they depend profoundly on a host of electronic devices such as sensors, radios, unmanned tactical weapons and cameras. However, these devices are mostly vulnerable to electronic congestion or intentional Electromagnetic interference (EMI), a risk that jeopardize the lives of those fighting it out on the battlefields. The Department of Defense invests hundreds of millions of dollars into numerous tech-related ventures. Sometimes these ventures bring about innovations that help armed forces as well as customers at the same time. Other times, grand ideas of advanced military gadgetry may bring about considerable slip-ups. At present, new types of electronic gadgets are manufactured in the United States by the leading electronics companies in order to give guaranteed protection against such interferences.

Leading Electronics Company

Megabite Electronics Inc. is the primary suppliers of military electronics gadgets as well as other electronics merchandises. Their experience of the staffs of Megabite in the electronics field has assisted the company greatly in the current capacity as a contractor for the Department of Defense in the United States.  The company has used their proficiency to help the principals gain consent as a source of supply to the United States Department of Defense, thus growing their print position and deals.

Megabite has been helping as an authorized representative or distributor since centuries for several OEM’s or original equipment manufacturers and distributors, which include the large as well as the small. The company can offer many services to help the customer gain exposure to fresh markets, progress and upsurge the business with the United States Department of Defense, and increase the cost-effectiveness by considerably reducing administrative costs. Moreover, Megabite has custom-made database software which utilizes definite principles to get government necessities routinely.

Megabite functions as the official supplier for:

  • Automatic Connector
  • Databus Products
  • Oak Grigsby
  • Joslyn Sunbank Co.
  • Air Dry Company
  • Electroswitch Corp.

Some of the products that the company sells routinely include Circuit Cards, Couplers, Connectors, Valves, Batteries, Switches, EMI Shielding, Relays, Gaskets, Filters, Washers, Cable Active Components Assemblies, O-Rings, Gages, together with several other industrial, military, and commercial parts.

Megabite hires expert scientists, engineering technicians and research fellows to deliver electronics gadgets and to become a specialist electronics enterprise in the United States. While its main areas of emphasis are development, research, and delivery of electronics mechanisms, it also provides tailored solutions for intricate electronics mechanisms and devices.

Having been functioning since 1979 the organization is one of the most favored electronics gadgets and component dealers to the United States space and defense services. Set with a team of highly expert team members, the company is always on the go to manufacture most current electronics gadgets for the benefit of the country.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that headquartered at Brooklyn Megabite Electronics Inc. is one of the leading electronics company in the entire United States of America.

Lyle V. Hensley

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