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Landseer- The Gentle Giant


The Landseer is a massive dog breed which was earlier considered to be a black and white variant of the Newfoundland breed. They were later accepted as a separate breed by the FCI. They are black and white colored dogs which are very sweet and gentle.


The Landseer was named after a British artist Sir Edwin Henry Landseer because it was first featured in his painting called ‘A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society’. This breed was most popular in England till the 19th century. They were close to extinction after the First World War but were saved by a small group of farmers. They were loved by European fishermen for their swimming and rescue abilities.

Physical Traits

The Landseer is a giant healthy dog. They are comparatively longer than the Newfoundland. They are 26 to 31 inches tall and weigh50 to 70 kgs. They look very elegant and their gait is elegant too. They have webbed paws. They have beautiful little dark brown colored eyes and their tail hangs downward.


The Landseer is often referred to as ‘gentle giant’. They have a very sweet temperament.  They are the ideal family pets. They crave human attention and dislike being left alone for long hours. They are loyal, quiet and trustworthy. They are considered to be patient with children and also adapt well with the other family pets. They make excellent watch dogs as they have good guarding instincts. They do not like to bark or growl much but would still keep themselves between the family and the outsider. They also make good fishing companions for their owners,


They would be happy to laze around in the house but would still need a daily walk. They have a thick, coarse, double coat which needs to be brushed daily to weekly with a hard brush.  They shed their undercoat twice a year and extra care is required at these times.

Living Conditions

The Landseer are mostly inactive indoors and a small yard would be sufficient for them. They like cool climates and are sensitive to heat. They need plenty of water to drink. They also enjoy swimming. They have a life expectancy of 8 to 11 years.

Why should you go for a Landseer as your pet?

  • They have the sweetest temperament
  • They are quiet and dignified
  • They are steady tempered with everyone
  • They are very sociable
  • They love cold weather and love to explore outdoors

Lyle V. Hensley

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