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How to Choose the Best Wheelchair

Best Wheelchair

Nobody wants to roam around in a wheelchair. But sometimes, situations force you or your loved ones to use one. If you thought wheelchairs are only for those with old age problems, you might want to rethink. Injuries, surgical operations, and many situations might need one to use a wheelchair. But that does not mean you have to lag behind others. To know more about wheelchairs, you can log on to

For your convenience, there are many types of wheelchairs available in the market. Whether you are injured or retired, or in a hospital, there are wheelchairs to suit your every need. But you must choose the best among them which along with your need also offers maximum protection and safety. Here is a list of various wheelchairs and how to choose the best among them.

Best Wheelchair

What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

  • Manual wheelchairs- these are the commonly seen wheelchairs Also known as self-propelled wheelchairs, these are operated by the attendant who has to push the chair from behind to move the person along with the wheelchair forward. The device consists of a seat, footrest, and armrests. Such chairs are available in many designs including lightweight design to suit the need of the user. You can also find manual wheelchairs which are foldable and can be stored easily.
  • Powered wheelchairs- powered wheelchair uses a motorized function to move the chair forward. It can be used by the attendant or the user. The user generally has to operate the wheelchair with the help of different motorized switches and panels in the wheelchair. All the motorized parts are situated in the device itself. The powered wheelchair also comes in various designs and types. The one disadvantage of the powered wheelchair is that of weight. It is not lightweight and hence inconvenient to move.
  • Reclining wheelchairs- reclining wheelchairs are specifically designed so that it can be moved within limited spaces. The basic feature of this chair lets the users tilt the chair at all angles which a common wheelchair cannot do. Also, the person who cannot sit for longer periods of time finds it suitable as the chair can be tilted back and used to relax the body. These days you can find reclining wheelchairs of many designs in which different types of tilt is available.
  • All-terrain wheelchairs- these type of wheelchairs are specifically designed for use in all types of places. You can use it to enjoy the beach, snowy roads, uneven landscape etc. In such type of chairs, the wheel is specifically designed so it offers better movement on all types of terrain.
  • Bariatric wheelchair- the bariatric wheelchair is constructed keeping in mind the heavier people. It has a higher weight bearing capacity than the other types.
  • Pediatric wheelchairs- a pediatric wheelchair is specifically designed so that the user can easily communicate and interact with children.

Technology has made it possible for wheelchairs to be designed in every way possible. You must choose a chair which is convenient to use, easy to handle and offers maximum protection.

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