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How To Choose A Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Shark provides many different types of vacuum cleaners. But sometimes larger range of varieties means more difficult decision. After all, most of us only need one vacuum cleaner at home since we are not living in a grand palace. Here are some shark vacuum reviews that may help you out.

The Shark Vacuum Models

We can reduce the main types of vacuum cleaners that Shark offers into 3. They are the Navigator, the Rotator and the Rocket. Bring the traditional model, the Navigator is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and is easy to use. The Rotator is equipped with enhanced swivel steering. It specialization is at the area of deep cleaning. Lastly, the Rocket, as its name suggests, can fly to the sky and clean hand-to-reach areas. This is because its motor unit is located near the handle, making it very light.

With some brief ideas of the main types of vacuum, we can now proceed.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Any specific needs?

Before doing general comparison, you must ask yourself: Why am I buying a vacuum cleaner today? I know it seems a stupid question, but sometimes the answer is not just �To clean, what else can it be?’. If you have some special purposes, you may not even need to choose from the 3 main types.

For example, if the reason you are here is because you want to get rid of the heavy old one, then weight will be your answer. If you want to find a solution to clean walls or some tricky places, then the Rocket may be a clear option. Therefore, ask yourself the exact reason why you want a new vacuum cleaner.

If your answer is �nope, just want a new one’, then a general comparison will be needed.

Setting up Criteria

Every vacuum cleaner is unique, just as every customer. Depending your flat or personal preferences, you may pay attention to some features more. This is where you figure out what you stress on. Although you may well say that all criteria is relevant to you, sorting out your priority will make choosing the right one more easier.

Several criteria that you may pay special attention to include weight, price, power, or the features of the vacuum cleaner. The list is of course not exhaustive. Choose a couple of them from the pool and then you can really get in touch with the candidates.

Finding the right one

After deciding which factors are important for you, then you can go to the store and find the right vacuum cleaner for you. Some information like weight can be obtained from the information tag of the display. You may need to inquire a salesperson though if you are not clear about how to use the vacuum cleaner or their features.

Attachments of the vacuum cleaner is an example. Sometimes you may need an attachment to completely satisfy what you need. Examples include a dusting brush or an extension stick.

One special feature to look into is whether or not the vacuum cleaner is bagless. If it is, you need not buy replacement bags. Therefore, a bagless vacuum cleaner is generally better since you can spend less on replacement bags.

Following these steps and you will be able to find the best vacuum cleaner. Remember: it is hard to find the perfect one which scores 100 in all aspect. What you need to do is to pick the one that you are the happiest with.

Important Notes

There are specific vacuum cleaners provided for hardwood floor. This is because we need extra care to keep the floor beautiful. In this case, you need to look for a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction and no beater brushes. Again, consult a salesperson.

Similar case arises if you own a pet. Pet hair can be a problematic issue using regular vacuum cleaners. Shark offers a special vacuum cleaner for dealing with this issue. Features of it includes a dusting genie together with a genie attachment, a detachable vacuum pod, a motorized brush attachment and more.

Another point to note is to distinguish   Shark  vs Dyson vacuum. We are talking about Shark vacuum cleaners here. I must remind you that the two brand of vacuum cleaners look very alike, and you may mistake one as another. This may seems like a joke here, but you will not be laughing if you are the victim. Read carefully the information label of the display and make sure you are buying what you are planning to purchase.

So, it is not difficult to keep your house clean and shiny. The key is to find the best vacuum cleaner for you. The reason Shark develops a variety of vacuums is not to confuse you, but to provide you with more opportunities and possibilities. Follow the steps I told you, and enjoy your brand new vacuum cleaner.

Lyle V. Hensley

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