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How to Care for Your Brazilian Hair?


Brazilian hair is high quality natural human hair that is loved by many people. Its biggest advantage is the hair does not go through any chemical process, Brazilian hair is light, silky and shiny in texture, which makes it the most popular among all kinds of hair extensions in the market today. The silky and glossy texture makes Brazilian hair look very good on any head, then you just need to select a color to match yours.

The obvious features of Brazilian hair are it does not shed, tangle, it also holds curls perfectly for a long time. Brazilian hair extensions have a lot of colors and lengths options, you can choose the one perfectly matches your own hair. But you should keep in mind, whichever kind of Brazilian hair you are going to choose, it is necessary to take care of it to ensure the hair continuously server for you. Brazilian human hair is really expensive, so, to make your money worth it, please find the most proper way to take care of it.


Proper installation is important, please find a professional hair stylist to fix the hair extensions for you. Improper installation will cause damage and hair breakage if you place the extensions too tight, which will cause pain to your scalp. The installation of hair extensions should not be too loose because it will drop.

Clean your scalp and then attach Brazilian hair extensions. Use a gentle shampoo to care for your scalp and hair, work from the scalp down to the edges. You also need to wash your extensions, and to keep the hair silky and smooth, please use a light conditioner after washing it. A deep conditioning could be done on a weekly basis.

Rinse the shampoo and conditiner thoroughly under the tape. Use a towel to wrap the extension and gently dry it, do not rub the extension or you might cause serious matting. Then you can use a dryer, but we generally suggest you let it dry naturally to avoid being damaged by heat from the dryer.

After your hair is dry, please apply some moisturizer or light oil on the hair of the extension, then comb it. Using a wide-tooth comb instead of a tight brush, which will brush a lot of hair out from the extension.

Argan oil is very useful to improve the elasticity of the hair, please apply some on the extension and the hair root for fast absorption. Argan oil has enough Vitamin E, that will strengthen the hair and minimize damage of the Brazilian hair.

To extend the life of your Brazilian virgin hair extensions, you should take good care of it, if you are not sure on how to care, please ask advice from your hair stylist. The more proper care you take on your extension, the longer it will serve for you.

Where to buy the best Brazilian hair?

New Star Hair is a great and trusted dealer to buy 6A, 7A and 8A Brazilian hair from. Their hair products line ranges from weaves, wigs to lace frontals and closures. Each of them adopts the most natural Brazilian raw hair material. If being taken good care of, the hair could last almost one year, that’s the main reason why New Star shares a high reputation in hair market.

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