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How Does HYPOXI Work?

How Does HYPOXI Work

Determined to shed the pounds and drop a dress size, you hit the gym andstick to a new exercise plan. You significantly reduce your food intake, eat only the healthiest foods, and resist all temptation when it comes to snacks. But despite all this hard work, you’re still struggling to lose the weight, and problem areas – such as the stomach, hips, and thighs – remain a problem.

Does this sound familiar? If so, don’t give up just yet! Help is at hand in the form of HYPOXI!

How Does HYPOXI Work

The Science Behind the Therapy

HYPOXI is an advanced body shaping method, originally developed by Austrian Sports Scientist, Dr Norbort Egger. It’s based on the simple discovery that stubborn fat deposits are usually located in poorly circulated areas of the body. By improving circulation in these areas and simultaneously exercising the muscles, Egger realised that he could accelerate fat metabolism and ultimately help people conquer their weight-loss difficulties.

This realisation eventually led to the invention of HYPOXI, a therapy that is now well-established and well-knownin 40 different countries across the globe. It uses compression and vacuum technology to create changes in pressure, thus stimulating blood flow in problem areas and transporting stubborn fat deposits into position; a position where they can be easily burned during exercise.

How does it work?

Arange of HYPOXI equipment is currently available, each specialised for different problem areas. The S120 and L250 cycling machines are both ideal for someonewho would like to work on their lower stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs. The Vacunaut System is designed to target fat around the stomach and hips area, whereas the HYPOXI-Dermology System is great for getting rid of cellulite and improving skin tone and texture.

In order to identify which areas of the body you should target, start by booking a consultation. You will receive a full body assessment and free trial at your first appointment, therefore giving you a better idea of what to expect and helping you to decide which machine is best for you and your personal needs.

A minimum of 12 HYPOXI treatment sessions will then berecommended and, to spread these out across the month, it is advised that you attendthree times per week. Sessions are quick and easy and will involve doing 30-minutes gentle exercise in your chosen HYPOXI equipment. You won’t be expected to over-exert yourself; simply cycle at a leisurely pace or go for a brisk half hour walk and, that’s it, your exercise is done for the day!

Visible Results in a Month

HYPOXI is considered to be 3 times more effective than diet and exercise alone and it’s becoming an increasingly popular method for quick, easy weight-loss. By targeting problem areas using this modern training advice, you can restassured, the results will be visible within just a matter of weeks!

HYPOXI Knightsbridge is located in the heart of London and offers a free trial to get you started. For more information on how HYPOXI works, visit our website or give us a call today on 020 7118 8377.

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