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Five Thai-influenced Fashion and Jewelry Trends Worth Following

Thai-influenced Fashion and Jewelry Trends

Have you been looking at your wardrobe as of late and felt it has gotten rather bland and dull? If so, it could just be that you need to liven it up with some current trends and pieces. Of course, that is often easier said than done, as it can be overwhelming to decide which trends to pay homage to. Why not narrow it down and look to one particular area as inspiration and let that lead you to some great choices?

Thai-influenced Fashion and Jewelry Trends

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Here we’ll take a look at five Thai-influenced fashion and jewelry trends that you can add to your existing wardrobe to spice it up.

Authentic Thai Silver

Rather than just picking jewelry that seems trendy, why not get something authentic and purchase jewelry straight from Thailand. Silver is always a popular choice in Thailand, and you can find everything from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Karen Silver Design features wholesale silver jewelry, in particular, handmade 925 sterling silver pieces. This means the jewelry is durable, beautiful, and lightweight. They also offer shipping to a number of destinations around the world.

Rich Jewel Toned Clothing

As far as fashion goes, you can let the Thai color palette act as inspiration. When flipping through authentic Thai styles, you’ll find that rich, bright jewel tones are often used. Colors such as red, blue, purple, gold, and emerald green are common and look beautiful against all different skin tones. Not only that but these colors can be worn all year-round.

Embellishments Are Always Trendy

Embellishments are another staple when you’re looking at what is trending in Thai fashion. Intricate bead and jewel work on clothing is quite common and will help to make a piece feel unique and spectacular. Even a simple wrap or shirt can suddenly take on new life once embellishments are added.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are another trend that is popping up on the runways in Thailand, whether you choose to do just a pop or a print head-to-toe. While some prints are meant to be high-fashion and taken quite seriously, other prints are simply meant to be fun. Again, look for prints that use bold colors rather than muted pastels.

With this trend, you can let your own personality shine through and customize the look so it works for you. Obviously, if you want to keep it more wearable you’ll want to choose a toned-down print.

The Use of Silk

Silk is a common fabric that can be found in a variety of Thai clothing, and this is a fabric that can also easily be found in other countries. Not only does it add elegance to the piece, but it’s also very light and airy to wear making it perfect year-round.

Paying Homage to the Thai Trends

Each of these tips is meant to act as inspiration and spark ideas, so you can not only follow the latest Thai fashion trends but also look for ways to inject your own personal style into the look and make it your own.

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