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Currently illegal in the United States but Legal Alternates Available

Legal Alternates Available

There are many types of Androgenic Anabolic steroids (AAS) available in the market in different types of intakes. Some are injectables, pills or tablets, oral suspension, patches, etc. Many sports people, especially body builders look up to steroid for their growth. One such steroid is Dianabol which was available in the injectable version till some years ago. Due to its potency and greater side effects, the injectable form was banned by the US Congress rather than by the FDA. However, the oral form of the drug is still available in many countries. In the US, it is a legal product and can be purchased with a prescription for medical use. Non-medical use is frowned upon by sports people.

Drug Functions

The drug is an artificial hormone of the type methandrostenolone, a 17-alpha methylated testosterone. The 17-alpha denotes that the drug can be ingested orally and active in the route and pass through Liver without much metabolism. On metabolism, it binds and activates the androgen receptors and dramatically increase the protein synthesis and glucose synthesis within a short span of time. This helps in strong muscle growth because of the sudden release of the hormone Testosterone. Due to its aromatase effects, it also produces excess amounts of the female hormone Estrogen. This results in the development of male breasts to abnormal sizes. This is one of the reason, the drug is currently illegal in the United States in the injectable form. The alternate is available as tablets and these are legal.

Legal Alternates Available

Side Effects

This drug is one of the more potent steroids available in the market. And since Dianabol is available in tablets, it is easy to consume, unlike the injections. The effects it has on the body builders are muscle building, cutting fat and strength, all in a short duration. As the growth is dramatic, the side effects are also intense in nature. Ggynecomastia (male breast enlargement), high blood pressure, asudden increase in glucose, acne, hair growth or loss, etc. are some of the severe side effects. Liver damage can also occur due to its toxicity. As with other steroids, nausea, vomiting, headache, mood swings, constipation, etc. are the mild ones. One should be aware of these facts so as to make an informed decision before using it. There is no point in worrying after the fact!

Safe Usage

The side effects occur when someone starts to use the drug beyond the dosage or get addicted and abuse it. If one follows the recommended dosage of 50mg per day, the side effects are limited to the mild ones. When the drug is combined with anti-estrogenic inhibitors like clomiphene, the gynecomastia effects can be controlled or altogether stopped. The aromatase effect also retains water in the cells and muscle which gives the appearance of extra size. This effect diminishes once the drug is stopped and not a worry anymore after that. The injectable form may be currently illegal in the United States but one should not abuse the tablets too! It is best to seek a physician’s advice before taking the drug and ill effects start, consult them immediately.

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