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Common Steroids and Drugs Used to Enhance Horse Racing Results

Common Steroids and Drugs

The gigantic desire and push to win in races is driving punters to look for different alternatives to reach their express goal, regardless of the extremes they go to. For a substantially long time, horse proprietors have been administering their stallions with steroids and enhancing medications to increase their racing comes about and even win. The government and other anti-steroids organizations are advocating for the entire eradication of these medications and steroids in the steed racing industry. Regardless of whether it is in pure breed racing or harness racing, sedate testing is an unquestionable requirement for any stallion that wants to take part. Any stallion that tests positive to the medication test is disqualified with immediate impact. This is mainly done to combat HGH is combined with steroids, and to make beyond any doubt that all stallions have equal chances of winning. The main steroids and performance enhancing drugs include:


These are anti-inflammatory enhancing drugs, which are widely utilized as a part of steed racing. These medications considerably cut on inflammation henceforth better endurance and consistency in speed. This can work wonders on a steed, especially in races where it dramatically increases its performance and results. The concern, however, is that this is an illegal medication. In addition, if utilized as a part of large amounts, it can cause catastrophic finishes. Legal, non steroidal anti-inflammatory options are prescribed instead.

Anabolic steroids

These steroids, however totally banned, are as yet being utilized as a part of many games, especially in athletics. These medications substantially increase performance by building greater and more muscles and increasing endurance. A few punters, who are always searching for the easy way out, administer this medication to their stallions so they could run faster with mind blowing endurance levels. This medication is illegal, and if the medication or steroid test indicates the nearness of this medication, then the steed is not allowed to race. However, in a few races where the tenets are not that tight, especially in harness racing, horse proprietors still utilize this steroid for better outcomes. This is an unattractive practice that should be tossed out for the canines.


These medications work by delaying lactic acids in steeds subsequently more muscle endurance amid the race. The medication consists of mainly baking soda. These medications, which are popular in harness racing, are easily detectable through the normal medication testing. Constant utilization of this medication is probably going to enhance health deterioration of the steed soon after a couple pleasing outcomes. In addition, you don’t want to hazard the whole race participation because you want better outcomes. There are other healthier alternatives, which will guarantee you enhance your performance.

Although these medications guarantee better stallion racing comes about, they are illegal and especially damaging in the steed racing industry. These medications can cause great health impacts to the stallion. In addition, they don’t allow for fair competitions not to consider being banned from the competition for a certain timeframe. These steroids ought to attract all our attention since this is cheapening the royal game. We ought not condone or allow these steroids to destroy the ever great reputation of this equestrian game.

Lyle V. Hensley

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