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Can You Buy Stanzolol in Italy Legally?

Buy Stanzolol in Italy Legally

In Italy, the customs and border police all along the border of the nation are putting a concentrated effort to resist illegal peddling of just about any type of anabolic androgenic steroids. It does not really matter whether you are trying Dianabol, Winstrol (or Stanzolol)), or Anadrol. The government has also modified the existing regulations to control the usage of illegal drugs as prescription drugs.

Italian Legal Rampifications

Buy Stanzolol in Italy Legally

Very recently, the Italian laws about procuring and using Stanzolol has been modified. Today, there are very few countries in the world where it is not illegal to buy in other countries. However, in Italy itself,    the government has been following an extremely strict policy on different aspects of steroid procurement. There is a limitation on the quantity of prescription-strength steroidal drugs, especially the anabolic-androgenic varieties that can cross the nation-borders. The restriction is imposed even if you get them for therapeutic purposes. Just a few years before, an Italian citizen was caught for carrying almost 3000 anabolic androgenic tablets across the border. He was prosecuted under Article 287 the Contravention Code of the Republic of Moldava, for which the alleged person might face up to 1,500 Moldovan Leu/€71/$80 in fines, as well as confiscation of the drug and even possible jail time. Italian citizens tend to be quite happy about the efficiency of the border agents.

On Italian Customs

Italian customs rules allow you to bring steroidal drugs for personal consumption only.  And you will have to bring in sufficient proof that you have got your things legally. Though the fedral laws regarding drug use and abuse, remains uniform throughout the nation, different provinces might have different attitude towards their ‘personal use’. Often, it so happens that weightlifters and bodybuilders trying to gather information on using steroids like Stanzolol gets puzzled with several terminologies. In fact, such confusions are very much prevalent in the USA, as well! Often, health enthusiasts, who get caught up with such confusions, often end up buying their stuffs from black-market or underground laboratories. However, in most cases, usage of such products invites its share of peril. Almost everywhere in Italy, it is not legal to transport prescription-strength steroids who the mail. This includes transport of medicines, which are not backed with proper prescriptions.

Legality of Usage

In countries like the USA, Canada, Australia or Italy, the legal use of anabolic androgenic steroids highly depends on their classification. While it is not illegal to buy in other countries, there is no legal way to buy steroids for strength enhancement or body building in Italy. However, the nation follows somewhat a relatively flexible stance towards the first time abusers. For example, use of steroids like Stanzolol, or getting it without proper prescription might be pardoned for the very first time. This will, however, depend on the criminal history of the individual concerned. To the maximum, you might be summoned to stand before the police. However, anyone found taking drugs despite initial warning can give rise to more severe results. Again, anyone found trafficking drug can be heavily fined, or even imprisoned for six months to four years.

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