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Buying a Used Cell Phone: Several Tips to Guarantee Your Success

Buying a Used Cell Phone

If you decided to buy a new cell phone but looked at the current prices for them on the market you may reconsider your intention and star looking towards the used options. It does not mean that you need to purchase an old fashioned shell-phone but that you may think of getting a phone not from the store but from your friend, for example. In anyway a used phone can help you save a great bunch of money while still getting the item you need.
But before you finally say “yes” to the new used phone, there are several things that have to be checked especially with the used electronics. In order to make the complete list of them we consulted several experts from online stores and below present the list to you.

Even before you get down to checking the exact phone, it is of utmost importance to compare Motorola phones prices, of course if you are buying an iPhone, so that you know the average price and can negotiate the price for it later on.

Buying a Used Cell Phone

First of all, make sure that you are buying not a stolen phone. To do that just check IMEI code. This code is unique for every phone. So just take this number and check if it is not stolen. With the same code you can also check how much warranty each phone has.

As a second step, have a look at the original receipt of the phone. Ask a seller for the possibility to see it. If you see that the phone was primarily bought from some reputable retail outlet, then there are no reasons to worry about it. The receipt will also tell about the real age of the phone and about the warranty that is still left. As a rule, modern stores give a warranty for only a year, so if you see something suspicious in its appearance (the phone does not look less than a year old but the warranty does) then do not buy this phone. In general, if there is something that you do not like in the bargain, just leave it and move on.

After the receipt seems to be fine pay attention to the exterior inspection of the phone. Check if there are any scratches, marks, breaks, etc. As a rule the paint on the corners and close to the USB and charging ports is peeled, but this is a routine condition. Other than that, make sure that you like the condition of the phone you are getting. If talking about the inside of the phone: make sure that there are no signs of rust. If you see at least anything it means that the phone was in water and so there might be much more than just rusty stakes on the battery. Experts in general advise to reject the idea of buying such phones.

Test the screen. As screen is the most used part of the smartphones today, make sure that it works perfectly. Make several swipes, try to open several apps in order to check how fast it works.

Check buttons. This part is very important if you want to buy used phone (it will give you a possibility to use this form to check Samsung phones prices and consequently lower the prices for your purchase). iPhones have only two buttons and as a rule the functioning one suffers a lot and usually stops working. So try to push it several times and make sure that it does not stick.

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