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Best Health & Fitness Free Apps for Android

health and fitness apps on android

In today’s world of technology, people are constantly struggling to stay in shape. You hire a personal trainer, consult nutritionists to ensure that you lose pounds. You try different ways, or almost all the ways possible to keep track of your fitness so that you can improve your health.

But, have you tried using your smartphone? Now, with your smartphone, you can keep track of your fitness, control your diet, workout correctly, and improve your health and much more. There are hundreds of apps that can make the process of improving your health a little faster, more fun and extremely easy.

health and fitness apps on android

If you are you looking out for the best free health and fitness apps for your Android, then try the list of apps listed below: RunkeeperRunkeeper is a free app available on the Android market that can help you keep track of your fitness and improve your health. This is a great app for people who enjoy jogging or running.

With this app, it’s now easy to track all your activities like walking, running, cycling, biking, hiking, and much more using your Android phone’s GPS. You get to see detailed stats regarding the distance, pace and time consumed for the activity and a number of calories burned during the activity. What’s more is that you can also share your stats and fitness achievements with your friends in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Android Market Befit is a free Android workout application that helps you select particular muscle you want to work out for and suggests you a specific exercise along with reps and sets. This app has more than 500 exercises to practice and also auto-calculates your BMI, every now and then to ensure that you are healthy.

To keep a track of your progress visually, you can create a befit profile and have snapshots of yourself. Befit app is designed by bodybuilders, to improve workouts in the gym and keep logs of your progress. Android Market Trainer This app is one among the best free apps available in the Android market that can help you maintain the shape of your body. People who love High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabatha, CrossFit WOD, and timed workouts will enjoy this app certainly.

Workout Trainer includes hundreds of free workouts and premium programs that help you reach the goals and targets easily. And, instructional photos are also available in the app, which can guide you through your workouts. This app provides you with audio instructions and cues on your progress for you to follow.

 With this app, you can easily create and edit workouts whenever you require and also share it with your friends via Email, Twitter, and Facebook. Android Market Counter this is the best diet app for your Android that you can rely upon.

When it comes to improving health or maintaining fitness, it’s not only about exercises or workouts, the food you intake also matters. With this app, you can record your daily food consumption and weight to know how to increase or decrease the calorie intake to achieve your goal. Calorie Counter can be your Fitness Pal with which you can easily take the extra pounds off. It’s not just this; this app also has a barcode scanner that can help you detect food calories while you are out shopping. Calorie Counter is available for free in the Android market. Android Market ITive you are ready to get serious about your weight, then Lose it can help you achieve your goal.

Talking about Lose It, it’s a fun to use, simple, attractive app with a streamlined interface that includes a comprehensive database of varieties of foods and hundreds of activities. With this app, you can add new foods, set up recipes if needed for more complicated foods, track nutrients, etc. Lose It is one among the proven, effective and the best approach to weight loss.

This app is available for free in the Android market. Android Market URL: these are just a few apps that are most popular and widely used, there are many more apps in the list that can help you keep track of your fitness and improve your health. Check out for these apps in the Android market and try making the best out of these apps.Heather Prots, a freelance writer for – offers full home security to help protect your family, assets from burglary and other crimes. ADT Security Services

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