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Best Foods You Should Never Miss in Italy

best food

Given the chance to visit Italy and explore its magnificent and grandiose cathedrals, you should also fail not to include tasting its local cuisines and delicacies. You never really can tell when you will be given another opportunity to visit this historical country in Europe so be sure you have the list of the best foods to taste during your stay.

Cheese Italians know their cheeses and this includes not only one or two types but also over 450 types of cheeses produced in the country. You will find these incorporated in most of their dishes, yet it would be better if you purchase some from the local store so you can enjoy it upon arriving in your home country.

best food

Popular Italian CheesesAsiagoMozzarellaPecorino RomanoParmigiano ReggianoPastasYou may have tasted pasta from various Italian restaurants, but dining in a fancy restaurant overlooking the view ofVenicewould add pleasure to the delicious Italian flavor contained in these dishes. Fancy the different kinds of pasta that will be served to you combined with the variety of sauces containing secret herbs and spices.

Popular Pasta RecipesCarbonaraPomodoroRigatoniFusilliCured Meats Italians are health-conscious individuals, but they do know how to enjoy the taste of their meat by learning the craft of curing. These are the combination of meats, herbs, and spices to enhance the natural flavor of pork, wild boar, goose, goat, or any game in the wild. Popular Italian CuredMeatsMortadellaLuganigaPancettaGuancialeSoppressataZamponeRisottoThis is often mistaken by some as a pasta dish, but it is not. Risottos are short grain rice’s known to grow in the northern region of Italy.

It is often combined with cheese, warm stock, butter, and wine to reveal a mouthwatering dish only masters of Italian cuisines can produce. It is easy to find these foods upon arrival at Palermo Airport. Do not waste the opportunity to have a taste of authentic Italian food made by locales and savor the unique blend of a flavor of these wonderful dishes.

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