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Best Careers to Pursue in the Film Industry


The films we’ve watched since we were kids can do more than just provide a reliable source of entertainment. Some of us can be inspired to join the industry so that they can make their own contributions and create their own stories to share with the world. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several avenues to make that happen.

Some of the options on the list below involve being on the screen and playing a variety of characters, while others have to do with the production side of movies and the business operations. Here are the best careers to pursue in the film industry.


One of the things that we did as kids and was always fun is reenact our favorite scenes from movies and recite popular movie quotes word-for-word. If you’re interested in taking that to the professional level, then being an actor is right up your alley. Some roles that you’ll get to play are more relatable and realistic, while others can depict characters with overwhelming power and conflicts to resolve.

Students will benefit from the variety of accredited online and continuing education degree programs that allow you to practice your acting chops. You’ll be able to bounce off of other students in your reenactments to create interesting relationships in stories, as well as practice at home to figure out what the perfect volume, swagger and cadence is for your character.


You may not have the acting chops to bring the characters of your film ideas to life, but you may have the knowledge and direction to point the proper actors in to make it happen. In this case, you may want to consider being a director, as this job will give you control of how the sets look, how people need to deliver their lines, and the best route for the plot.

There is a great deal of technical expertise and coordination between actors and other people involved in production that is required for this role. However, being the voice of reasons between all parties allows for the whole machine to keep running. With only a few successful projects, studios may be quick to call you up to direct their next big hit.


Other roles in the film industry have to do with getting scripts approved and coordinating between different parties to make films a reality. One example is a producer, which centers more around the business aspect of the industry and getting things done off-set while the directors and actors make the magic happen onscreen. This includes ensuring that projects meet their budgets and that actors perform their duties on schedule.

This option gives you the chance to help directors with their job when its necessary, and they always have the chance to do the same for you. You’ll need to be prepared to deal with a handful of tasks at once, as you’ll will need to answer to many people in order to make movies happen.

Set Designer

Another way that films are able to come to life is through the environment that different scenes take place in. The people responsible on this end are the set designers, who are tasked with building sets for different parts of the story and doing so in a way that sucks viewers into the film and makes them believe that these places could really exist.

This is another option that involves communicating with different individuals, such as the costume designers, actors, directors and producers. The sets need to line up with the director’s vision, as well as the look and behavior of the characters, in order to appear more realistic and have a greater impact on the plot. Building sets also grants the feeling of having created a whole new world.

Makeup Artist

Certain films require a little more work in making the settings and characters seem real because they are involved in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genre. That’s where makeup artists come in, as they get to applying makeup to actors, actresses and extras so that they resemble characters from other worlds in a believable way. These professionals are responsible for the popular of some of fiction’s biggest characters because of how realistic they make them look.

It is important that you know how to schedule makeup appointments, as well, because this process can take up a lot of time, depending on what the actors are supposed to look like. Doing so in a way that allows the makeup to work with special effects will also add to the realism.

Consider these options so that you can join the film industry and be responsible for the biggest hits of the future.


Lyle V. Hensley

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