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Astrology – Can it be Real?


Perhaps I should start out by saying that I am quite much from being any sort of specialist in the subject of Astrology. I ‘ve no training in the area either.

What I am giving here is quite definitely an individual view, although I feel bound to state it is a view that is based on a long time of experience that is personal.

Around this time, the musical Hair became well-known as well as the people was subjected as some sort of mystical artwork to the concept of astrology.


I recall reading a novel by Paul Foster Case concerning the Tarot cards, where the cards are related by him to different signs of the Zodiac.

Yet, in spite of the eminence of Jung himself, astrology is still on the peripheries.

Since this changes about every two hours, it is extremely vital that you be aware of the precise time of arrival. And I allowed for Daylight Saving! Such is the strong influence that has over us.

In the tone assumed by those who read them out to each other, it was not difficult to tell they thought as being incredible and illogical, to be taken having a large pinch of salt.

Afterwards, I noted that there is a kind related to all the star signs. In influencing your character, what star sign you were under played a significant role. Could this be accurate? Absolutely not. And when folks read what their character was designed to be, it was amazing just how many times it turned out to be rather an exact character description. A potential explanation of this may be the character traits were obscure one managed to match them to any man. Another explanation is the fact that as it became generally understood what were the comprehensive features of these born under each sign, those features would be automatically adopted by folks. The self.

I am sorry but I cannot recall the name of the writer. It was an assault on astrology from a church that is reformed Christian point of view, composed with a person who’d formerly been a professional astrologer. What caused it to be interesting was that he promised that works, and that this was not good!

Lyle V. Hensley

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