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After Completing One Steroid Cycle, Is It Possible To Get Back To Pre-Cycle Testosterone Levels?

After Completing One Steroid Cycle

Yes, but that can take from weeks to months for the body to recover to pre-cycle T levels, depending on individual body type and genetic disposition. There is also a very possible chance of the T levels never reverting to old levels at all, and developing Hypogonadism. This is one of the reasons why people people undergo 3-4 week PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after doing a Steroid Cycle. Following more cycle in excess of Dianabol, just as with every other anabolic steroid, it may lead to testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy.

After Completing One Steroid Cycle

The must steps to follow and care

  1. Depending upon your blood work results immediately after the cycle, you will need to consider the following:
  • If your estrogen levels are elevated due to Aromatization of excess T, you will need to take an AI like Arimidex for 4 weeks.
  • For restoring your natural T levels to normal, you will need to take OTC medication like Nolvadex and/or Clomid for 4 weeks.
  • If you got hit by testicular strophy due to your steroid abuse, you will need to take HcG immediately for 2 weeks after the cycle to reverse that.

Any natural test boosters suggested after a cycle are mostly useless and just way for supplement companies to make more money.

  1. It may take you about two weeks or more to get back to your pre-cycle testosterone levels. There is slight chance that you could suffer permanent decreases but it’s unlikely. Be sure to supplement the cycle with test booster and plenty of water. Anytime you start messing with organics it’s going to take a time to re-capture the original position you were in prior to your disturbance.
  2. Have a testosterone booster during that down cycle that helps you naturally bring back your levels by using certain ingredients that taunt your body into producing its natural production of testosterone.
  3. Due to Testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy, there are several consequences. This is why the recommendation is that you take a supplement form of exogenous testosterone while you’re on Dbol. Your body needs to get the testosterone it requires. An added benefit is that because testosterone itself is an amazing anabolic steroid, when you add this to your stack you will enhance your results.
  4. There are many other side effects when the natural production of testosterone is suppressed and that is since it’s made in the testicles, when production is severely slowed down, the testicles will naturally atropy due to lack of activity.

There are many side effects of using these steroids if you are not consuming these with precaution. These side effects are common to all anabolic steroids, but for healthy adult men all are totally avoidable. Don’t forget this supplement is for adults who are healthy and punctual with their routine, and since it does raise blood pressure you must stay within the recommended dosage. Eat healthy and nutritious foods, and not the junk one. You need to have a diet rich in healthy fats as well.

Lyle V. Hensley

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