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A Unique Profile In David Giunta, The Founder, Makes Blackplum A Stand-Out Venture

Stand-Out Venture

It is extremely difficult to run a real estate firm today. The immense competition alongside the global slowdown has left its poor effects on the industry in a large way. However, if looked upon from the long term point of view, real estate is still a safe investment worldwide.

However, in order that people believe in it, an expert has to educate them in this regard. Most of the individuals look for fast money, and since real estate has slower returns, many of them find it less attractive. But they tend to overlook that the long term dividends are far greater than any other sector of investment. If one can hold the patience, nothing can meet the returns reaped in here.

Stand-Out Venture

Need an expert in real estate investment?

An individual can find a number of experts in the field of real estate as well as investment separately, but getting a combination of the two is definitely a tough ask! Very few such experts are there who has real time experience in both of the fields over the years. Having a first-hand expertise in these fields together can help amalgamate the experiences from both sectors, thereby creating a unique base of knowledge and experience.

One such expert whom one can find in this field among the very few id David Giunta, a check of his online profile- the David Giunta Crunchbase, can reveal it all for somebody interested. With vast years of experience in real estate investment, he is now the Founder and CEO of BlackPlum LLC, the company dedicated to the clients in this business.

BlackPlum is a firm with headquarters located at Newport Beach. Headed by an able leader as David Giunta, it has ventured into the field of real estate business over the recent years, breaking the barriers and shackles of disbelief and wrong notions. Besides its services of helping the clients find the best places to invest, it also has the mission of educating the masses, especially the clients. It does not believe in hand-holding and hence keeps on spreading its expertise among its clients.

Intellectual team behind the company’s success story

It is imperative that an individual, how good s/he may be, cannot run a company single-handedly. That is why David Giunta has hired the best of experts, both from real estate, and investment, in his company to give it a shape any competitor would envy.

David Giunta is a graduate from the Ohio University in Arts, Accounting and Business Law. Since he graduated in 1991, he has been gaining practical experiences with many of the leaders in the field. He has been the CPA at Arthur Andersen LLP before opening up his own venture as BlackPlum. Just check his profile on David Giunta Crunchbase to know more!

All of this experience and expertise has been put to the most rigorous challenge of the days at BlackPlum. While his dedicated team of intellectual resource persons keep on educating the clients through their services, David Giunta himself looks after constant training and upgradation of his team so that they never lose the edge that they possess over the competitors.

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