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A Family Lawyer Can Help With Custody Issues

Family Lawyer

One of the most important aspects during a divorce is making the transition easy on the children. When parents separate, this can have a devastating effect on children. The children need to know that their lives are going to remain the same. The least bit of uproar in the children’s lives the better adjusted the children will be. Hiring a family lawyer is the only way to ensure that a fair and equitable custody arrangement is made. There are many different types of custody agreements that parents of minor children can choose from that seem to fit a variety of lifestyles. Finding a firm like Radley Family Law Firm can help you with every aspect of your divorce including the custody of the children. This law firm cares about the lives of the children caught in the middle of a divorce. They can even make some suggestions for other forms for services to help the children adjust to the divorce.

Family Lawyer

Legal Custody

A parent or guardian who has legal custody of a child is responsible for making decisions about the child. This includes aspects of the child’s life that include their schooling, religious beliefs, medical issues, and all other important aspects of their life. Many times both parents share legal custody of the children. This means they must make decisions together. If sharing legal custody poses an issue, make sure to bring this to the attention of your family lawyer.

Physical Custody

In most cases, one parent will retain physical custody of the child. This simply means that the child lives with that parent. Normally, when one parent has physical custody, the other will be awarded visitation. If the child spends the same amount of time in the home of both parents, physical custody may be awarded to both parties. This means that both parents have the right for the child to live with them.

Joint Custody

Joint custody means that the custody of the children has been awarded to both parents. This can include both legal and physical custody of the minor.

Sole Custody

Sole custody is when just one party has custody of the children listed in the divorce. As with joint custody, this can pertain to both physical and legal custody of the children. Many times the court will award one of the parents with sole physical custody of the children and joint legal custody. This means they reside in just one home, but both parents can make major decisions for the kids. In most states, one parent must prove that the other parent is unfit in order to get sole custody.

Custody is a complicated issue. The court will take into consideration the living situation of each party along with their income and any other issues that may affect the family. A family lawyer can help you explore the different types of custody to choose the right one for all involved.

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