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7 Ways DIANABOL Boosts Strength & Lean Muscle Mass

Faster Muscle Gain and Store Energy

Dianabol is developed in US to improve the performance of athletes. After this it became a favorite drug for athletes as well as for bodybuilders. This is mainly because intake of this was easier compared to taking an injection and dianabol was very quick in building muscle mass and strength.

How it works?

As said dianabol is a brand name and the actual drug is methandrostenolone. This is an anabolic androgenic steroid. 5-6 hours is the half life of dianabol. But this depends on the individual’s metabolism as well. Even though it is moderately androgenic, it has the ability to provide strong anabolic effects in the body. It is classified into C17-aa anabolic steroid and is taken orally. This classification shows that since it has the ability to raise the enzyme levels, it can be toxin to liver.

Faster Muscle Gain and Store Energy

When dianabol is used there will be enhanced level of glycogenesis and the synthesis of protein in the body. So, these are considered as main effects of dianabol. Even though it is used widely, there is very less information available on its effects when it comes to enhancing athletic performance and affecting muscle hypertrophy. Check out the Dianabol Results here.

But many athletes and bodybuilders were successful in achieving the results by using dianabol. Some of the benefits of using dianabol are

  • It has the ability to enhance metabolism. This leads to burning of more calories hence less fat and leaner tissue.
  • Moderate doses are recommended if the use is intended for gaining muscle mass. One can get quick results in this if intake of dianabol is accompanied by high calorie diet. Within a few weeks of usage of dianabol an individual can raise at least 20 pounds.
  • Dianabol helps in recuperating and healing more quickly from heavy workouts. This leads to improvement in the performance.
  • There will be dramatic enhancement in strength after using dianabol
  • Usage of dianabol can protect the body from muscle mass destruction caused by intense workouts

Side effects:

There will be adverse reactions and side effects after using dianabol. So doctors always recommend the responsible use of dianabol. Some of the side effects are

  • Bloat and water retention
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Suppression in the production of testosterone
  • Chances of liver damage and liver toxicity
  • Decreased levels of HDL cholesterol
  • Increased HDL cholesterol levels
  • Hogh blood pressure
  • gynecomastia

The best way to prevent all these side effects is that it is better to use dianabol for limited period of time and in moderate doses as per recommendations. This steroid comes with aromatizing effects and that causes buildup of estrogen. This is the reason behind many of the side effects.

Inhibitor of aromatase can be added to the dianabol cycle to avoid this. Hence prevention of estrogen buildup can be achieved. Other way to stay away from side effects is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since there is chance of liver damage by the use of dianabol, L-cysteine can be used in the cycle.

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