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3 Tips to Help Transition from Road Cycling to Mountain Biking

Road Cycling to Mountain Biking

Road cycling is quite different from mountain biking. From posture you need to main to the bike you ride, two sports are quite away from each other. As a road cyclist, you main goal is to maintain speed, whereas as a mountain biker, your main goal is to maintain balance. On roads, you will rarely see big obstacles, but in mountain biking, your trail will be full of obstacles. From big rocks to small, every obstacle has the potential to flip you over and only the best mountain bikes 2016 can withstand such strain.

If you are a professional road cyclist who participates in competitive racing and are bored of riding the best road bikes, then you should some time try your hand at mountain biking. Mountain biking will not only give you a change in scenery, it will also help you with increasing your output on the road. Since you will develop new muscles on the trail, you are going to see a boost in stamina and an increase in your overall performance on the road.

If you are excited about hitting the trail with your spanking new mountain bike, we are here you help you transition with these 3 tips.

Road Cycling to Mountain Biking

Tip 1: When you see a big rock in your path, go over it rather than around it

As a road cyclist, you have conditioned your mind to avoid obstacles like big rocks. While mountain biking, you have to override that instinct. Mountain bikes see rocks as fun equipment of nature put in the course to play with. Often times you will find that you will save a lot of energy by going over the rock rather than avoid it. So the first time you see a big rock in your path, go over it with the correct posture, and you will be fine.

Tip 2: Some technical sections of the trail are designed to walk over

This tip is for people who have a lot of pride and ego and see getting off the bike and walking as a weakness. If you the kind of person that I just described above, then you should understand that in some trails, there are some very difficult technical sections that cannot be crossed with a bike. The only way to cross those sections is by walking your bike. There shouldn’t be any shame in getting off the bike at times and walking. This approach is much more energy efficient and is going to improve your overall time in a race.

Tip 3: Don’t expect your bike to be stable all the time

Mountain biking is not like road cycling. While cycling on the road, the surface you cycle on is hard and your bike tyre is able to grip with the ground well, but in case of mountain biking, you will encounter certain areas on the trail, where the ground will be loose and your bike will slide. When something like this happens, you should not try to over-correct your position and relax. This way you will be able to remain upright and continue with your session.

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