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10 Elements of a Memorable Wedding

Memorable Wedding

When you attend a wedding what signs do you see to rate it good, average or bad? Well, the question is quite universal and the answers vary from person to person. In fact, they have different preferences on which they base their ratings. There are many things to consider including the food, the arrangements, the performances, the guests, the venue and much more!

If you’re not so sure what things people see, or want to see in a great wedding, here are few signs to refer to. The list has been compiled after a great research and information gathered from experts like Boundless Weddings Cinematographers. The company also offers some of the best wedding photographers Toronto.

Memorable Wedding

So, here’s an organized list of most common signs that make any wedding special and worth remembering.

  1. The invitations

Wedding event begins with invitations and the quality of invitation tells the story. Many people decide whether they should go for a wedding, just by examining the material of invitation card. Some prefer to read and look into the details. It’s your first impression that should be intriguing for your would-be guests.

  1. The venue

Secondly, the venue is what makes people interested in attending a particular wedding. If they find that the venue is popular, has a reputation of giving great experience and is accessible for all, people will definitely look forward to attend the wedding.

  1. The décor

As they enter the venue, the guests will observe the entire wedding décor. They’ll identify it as a great wedding if the internal environment looks spacious, have different seating arrangements, walking space and proper lighting. So, décor is important for a great wedding too.

  1. The wedding theme

The venue, the invitation and décor and other things depend largely upon the wedding theme. It can be an Indian wedding, a traditional Chinese or Japanese wedding, or a typical western wedding, but it must have the uniqueness and fantasy that people like to associate with a dream wedding. So, think about it!

  1. The kind of guests

Who else is attending the wedding? How many guests are there? people like to take this thing into consideration as well. If all of them wear formal dresses with classical cuts, the wedding will look extravagant. Plus, if there are few popular faces, it’s a sign of a great wedding.

  1. The bridal dress

Women are quite interested in seeing the wedding lady properly dressed for the occasion. The dress must align with the wedding theme and should have the right kind of feel for the wedding. It’s not the fabric or the feel, it’s about how it complies with the surroundings.

  1. The events

How many events are there? Is there a dance floor, the reception floor, the place to sit and talk, or anything else? Remember, you have limited time and space, but these events can make your wedding look great if the events are planned according to the theme.

  1. The food

The menu must have multiple dishes. It makes the wedding look rich and expensive.

  1. The photographs

Don’t forget to invest in professional wedding photography Toronto as it will add value to the wedding by highlighting its extravagance.

  1. Other services

Another sign of a great wedding is the people and services offered to the guests. The staff should be welcoming and attentive at all times.

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